I've Never Had So Much Fun Buying Deli Meat In All My Life!

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Good morning! It’s Tuesday morning and I’m heading out the door to go to work, but before I go I want to share a little something with you that I’ll always remember.  It happened at Krogerland. I was going up to the deli counter at Kroger to get some of their DELICIOUS Boars Head smoked turkey and after I placed my order I looked at the sweet woman helping me and thought to myself, “I wonder if she knows Jesus?”  I couldn’t help but wonder. I mean, there she stood wearing her cute little meshy hairnet with petite hands that were so busy slicing up deli meat and I thought: “If she’s going to serve me by giving me deli meat, I’m gonna’ serve her by offering the Bread of Life.” This is how it all went ~

Me: “So, are you ready for the new grocery store to open?”

Jawana: “Oh, yes! It is going to be so big and nice.”

Lisa: “I’ve heard it is real unique, too.”

Jawana: “Yes, that’s right.”

Lisa: “Well, where do you attend church?”

Jawana: “I go to the same church I’ve been in all my life. St. Paul Methodist.” (She looked to be a 45 yr. old.)

Lisa: “WOW! The same church all your life! How special is that?”

Jawana: “Oh, I know it! I don’t know how anybody can make it these days if they don’t go to church.”

Then I said: “I completely agree, but I just gotta’ ask you, do you know Jesus and are you ready to meet Him?” The whole time I’m asking her this, I’m not only smiling as big as my heart could possibly reflect on my face, but she looked me in the eyes the moment I said, ‘…do you now Jesus?’ And as she looked at me, she stopped slicing the deli meat and said,

“Oh, yes! I sure do. I know Jesus and yes, I’m ready!”

We stood there for another 2-3 minutes just talking about Jesus! Talking about how we want to see people come to know Him and to trust Him. We talked about how much we love Him and how thankful we are for our Bibles. We talked as though we had known each other our entire lives. It was the most wonderful conversation that all started with one question: ‘do you know Jesus?’  I’m telling you, I’ve never had so much fun buying deli meat in all my life!!

Sold out livin’!! Y’all, that’s what we’re called to…to simply be living on ready. Ready to be used by God at a moment’s notice. Ready to be about our Father’s business as soon as our feet hit the floor in the mornings. Ready to engage in people’s lives boldly, lovingly, graciously and courageously. I believe we are to live EACH DAY  like Jesus and He lived with a divine “MUST” about His life.

“I must be about my Father’s business,” Luke 2:49

“I must proclaim the good news about the kingdom of God to other towns also, because I was sent for this purpose,” Luke 4:43.

“For I tell you, what is written must be fulfilled in Me,” Luke 22:37.

Living with a “must” about our days equips and empowers us to be intentional with the roles of responsibility we have been given by God. And for us as women, those roles are many. And for all of us, those roles are uniquely and fearfully and wonderfully made by Him and is called, “the Father’s business” for our life. It may not be the Father’s business for me to board a plane and fly to Uganda for mission work, but it may be the Father’s business for me to start a conversation with that precious lady I always see working so hard at TJMAXX, but is always alone.  It may not be the Father’s business for me to propel into a leadership role that will require seminary, but it may be the Father’s business for me to faithfully teach (in every opportunity He brings me) that which He has already made known to me through His wisdom.

Being about our Father’s business means waking up each day and fully acknowledging, “This is a day the Lord has made and it is a day that has been heavenly planned and purposed by the Lord.‘ Every morning we wake up, we wake up to an agenda that has been divinely written for us. An agenda written by God that will enable us to make the most of every opportunity. An agenda that has infinity in every minute of our day.

 We aren’t given 24 hours of time each day. We are given 24 hours of opportunity and what we do with those hours of opportunity matter for all eternity.

So, girls, let’s get up and get goin! There’s an entire day waiting for us and it’s going to be wonderful because the God of Wonders has it all planned out. All we need to do is report in as His servant and as His friend and thank Him for allowing us to get in and get goin’ with Him. Whew!! I’m fired up…and ready to get to work! Are you?

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  1. Sara on March 10, 2015 at 2:05 pm

    I just love your heart! 🙂

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