It's Just a Southerners Way of Celebrating Christmas!

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One thing we southerners tend to do during Christmas, is we go all “Hospitality HAPPY!” Not just for guests, but we want all 5 senses of everyone in our home to remain fully awake & aware that it’s finally …. a  “Merry Christmas” time of year!

We want them all to turn every corner and feel the reason for the season. We want them to see, smell and hear ‘it’s Jesus’ birthday’ as they eat homemade Christmas cookies, as they brush their teeth with their new bright red toothbrush, put on their new green socks with bells stitched to the ankle, and as they pour their cereal into a Frosty the Snowman bowl! The decorated tree, the simple presentation of cookies, and the wrapped presents …. in it all, we long for them to “feel” it’s Christmas in our home – every. single. day.

II Southern Living Christmas 1

It’s just a southerners way of celebrating Christmas!

Christmas for southerners means … getting together with those we love around a well dressed and decorated dinner table. Every dish, glass, piece of silverware and decoration on the polished table has been creatively placed right where it is, and for such a high purpose — to ENJOY!  Is there any greater reason? It may take hours to prepare the meal, put out the place cards, fill vases with outdoor cypress branches and holly berries, but we long for those around the table to Ooooo and Ahhhh their way through the whole experience. From when they slip the napkin ring off their pressed napkin, to when they use the darlin’ little salt & pepper shakers, to when they take their first bite to their last.  It’s our hope that they will savor every moment, … every memory, and of course … every bite!

II SL Christmas 5

It’s just a southerners way of celebrating Christmas!

Christmas also means … having a home that tells & talks the story of our reason for celebrating – Jesus’ birthday with the nativity scene that’s been passed down through the years & the “names of Jesus” ornaments & pure white flowers that grace our tree. And of course, from “Joy to the World” welcome rugs, to cross-stitched “Peace on Earth” towelettes, to cinnamon scented candles and mini soaps in the shape of Christmas bells,  everything in our home is hand picked to reflect the warmth, meaning and JOY of the holidays!!

II SL Christmas 4

It’s just a southerners way of celebrating Christmas!

And here’s why …

It’s called Southern Living.

II SL Christmas 6

And that’s why one of my favorite magazines, that I will take the time to read from cover to cover, is the good ol’ Southern Living. The homes they feature, the recipes, the decorating and the ways to show hospitality always ALWAYS inspire me!

So, are you looking for a unique Christmas gift this year to give to a new young bride? Or maybe to a soon to be bride? Maybe you know someone who just longs to be inspired in her own homemaking, or you’d like to give a gift that keeps on giving all year round.

Then give a 1 year subscription to Southern Living Magazine! Every month, a new magazine will come to her mailbox. She will be able to find southern style inspiration on every page! And right now, you can get 2 Gift Subscriptions at only $19.95. That is 83% off the cover price!

Merry Christmas y’all! Happy Homemaking!





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