It's Always the Little Things…

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Nothing makes me happier than transforming spaces! Taking a room inside a home or an outdoor area, and nudging it to experience metamorphosis is not only exciting, but unbelievably rewarding. With my own set of tools and skills, I like (no, I LOVE) the challenge of restoring, renewing and rejuvenating people’s homes!!! Starting with my own. Actually, it’s how it all got started.

In 2004, I was “encouraged” to start blogging. Now, keep in mind, in 2004, it was a year when I had to explain to folks who would go to my website, “Blogging is just you and I sharing a little moment in time together. It’s me sharing with you my thoughts, my ideas, and activities.” Some people would look at me like, “Just pick up the phone and call…why write it all down?” (Texting wasn’t even on the scene.) Seriously, in 2004, IF you were entering into the blogging world, … well, that’s the thing…there was no “world” YET, of bloggers. Family and friends looked at me like I had two heads, and then would scratch their own wondering, “Why is she doing thing?” IT was truly that foreign of an idea. Blogging was just unheard of then.

Now, bloggers ARE across this world! Millions of bloggers writing and posting day after day. In only 4 years, (by 2008), blogging had tremendous growth, but was still a little “if-y” with some folks. People were treading, but treading lightly. But fast forward to 2015, … well, need I say more. I actually shut down my blogging in 2010 due to personal reasons, but launched back into Interior Inspirations in Feb, 2015. WHY? Because y’all, the time was right. Rip and I both knew, it was time. Time to inspire all things “homey”  – the home of our heart and our physical homes.

Today, as I poured my coffee and looked around our home and saw ALL that Rip and I have done in just the past 4 days, well, I’m feeling that excitement and unbelievable rewarding feeling that reminds me of WHY I ever started Interior Inspirations to begin with. It’s my passion!

Because we are not finished with all our DYI projects (we are 3/4 of the way complete), I’m holding off on showing photos, but I can’t wait!!

Here’s a little II tip for the day

It’s always the little things that make Home Sweet Home.

Little things to me, may be not so little to other folks, but they are simple – easy – takes a little time – but, oh so worth it – changes, updates, restoring and renewing activities that making HOSPITALITY whisper, “Welcome“…to family and friends. Some of our little things are..

A little white-washing on fireplace bricks

A little spray paint on patio furnitures

A little stain on terra cotta pots

A little more stain added to raw wood dowl rods for new drapes in the house

A little wood to make a solid wood top on a kitchen island

A little added trim to make wainscoting in the dining room and entry foyer

A little added black-splash to the kitchen

A little paint added to the laundry room and guest bath, cabinets and walls

A little sprinkle of ferns and flowers on the patio

A little vase on the kitchen table full of bright colorful flowers

A little tray of sliced fruit with an unexpected “I love you” card tucked beside his napkin

A little glass chilled in the freezer to make his orange juice even more perfect

….. and on and on of the DIY projects Rip and I have going on THIS week, and all the little touches of “US” that we both love. So, keep stopping by! There’s more to come in photo and video, and few tutorials on how to do some of the things Rip and I are doing this week!

Passion + devotion + discipline = God’s plan for your life!

And that is what Rip and I are experiencing…..God’s plan for OUR life, and we love sharing it with you!!



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  1. Mallory Hawkins on June 9, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    So glad you and Rip are enjoying your time off being productive! What a great feeling! I wish Hawk and I had more time to do that, but we make the best of our weekends. Summer is his busy season at work…not sure he ever has a season that’s not busy. 🙂 You’re right though, it’s the little touches that make a house a home! Have a blessed week!

  2. Lisa on June 9, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    Thank you Mallory! We just finished breakfast, Rip’s on the phone finding seasoned wood, and I’m getting off the computer so I can paint! It’s going to be another fun day together!

  3. Tanya Madden on June 15, 2015 at 2:13 am

    Hey sweet Lisa,
    So excited to hear all your fun, productive, exciting and surely adorable projects you are doing! I actually thought I was reading about my Rodney and I as that’s what we have been doing! And a few of them sound so similar! I’m a spray paintin’ patio furniture fool! HA! Put a can in my hand and I’ll have it transformed! I love projects and it’s such a “feel good” feeling! Keep us posted and inspire us more! Have a blessed week! DON’T HURT YOUR SHOULDER! ;0)

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