It’s All About ‘Dat Laundry!!

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Good Monday Morning!

If you are starting into this new day somewhat wishing it really wasn’t here…if you see new Monday not as a bright new beginning to a new work week, but instead it begins the countdown to Friday, then you’ve stopped off at the RIGHT place! FIRST, click on over to the Inspiration category of our site and ready TODAY’s devotional thought from our friend, Rene’ Collins. She has shared with us a rap, yes…a rap song that will literally help you rise up and keep goin’! She always knows how to inspire, and girls, today’s devotion she wrote for us DOES THE JOB!! Powerful lyrics that help all of us turn on our motivation and our gumption toward the Lord! Hope you can go read what Rene’ shared with us because … you will be so glad you did!

BUT, also…

EVERY MONDAY at the Rippy’s it’s officially, “All About ‘Dat Laundry, ‘Bout ‘Dat Laundry” day …(yes, it’s only fun when you sing it!!) And so, we want to invite you to join in with our MONDAY GOALS! (As Rip shares in our video, it may actually end up being a Mon. Wed. & Fri. goals, but when you have a plan, you have vision and where there is vision, the family flourishes!

Here’s how our personal schedule works:

6:30am – before leaving for work, start 1st load
6:35am – create separate “piles” ON THE FLOOR of the laundry room (whites, darks, delicates, towels, etc) You will be surprised how much faster you will get through all the laundry when you can actually SEE the piles. It’s motivating to take one out of the wash, put it in the dryer, and bend down to pick up another full pile. Make it your goal to make sure all the piles make their way through the wash & dry cycles on MONDAY. It’s a great start into the week!

12:00pm – home for lunch – put load in dryer, start 2nd load
**Nearing the end of my lunch hour, I’ll fold and put away load #1, and put load #2 in dryer.

4:00pm – put 2nd load in dryer, start 3rd load
5:00pm – fold and put away 2nd load, put 3rd load in dryer
7:00pm – fold and put away 3rd load, start 4th load in washer
8:00pm – fold and put away 4th load

By 8:15 – all laundry baskets are emptied, clothes are put away neatly in drawers or on hangers, and we are ready for….Wednesday! When it will be time to start again, but probably only 1-2 loads. Our laundry tends to pile up on the weekends because we are away from home so much working.

We hope this helps and whatever you do – if you’ll just set aside Monday as “All About ‘Dat Laundry!” day, you will have a much less hectic week of homemaking!

love y’all and happy homemaking!

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  1. Cathy Aldy on October 26, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    Laundry day was always Monday as long as I can remember! It’s like starting the week with a clean slate!

    • Lisa Rippy on October 26, 2015 at 7:24 pm

      It really is! I love starting into Monday just tackling that weekend build up of laundry! Go to bed with it all DONE! What is it about it that just makes you feel so “successful?!!” 🙂

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