In Jesus Name

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In Jesus Name.

The three most powerful words in the world…In Jesus Name. But what do they mean? In Jesus Name stands for this – ALL THAT HE IS.  God’s names, throughout the Old and New Testament, are the names of His nature – His attributes. His names are an overview of His character. We see this in Isaiah 9:6, when the prophet prophesied that Messiah would be called – “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.”

But when can we use those words? We definitely use them when we pray. Praying In Jesus Name is praying according to His character. That is how we pray so that glory is brought to God. Praying In Jesus Name acknowledges a totally submissive will to His will.

In other words, we should pray as if Jesus Christ Himself were doing the asking. That is praying “In Jesus Name.”

John Macarthur writes: “We approach the throne of the Father in full identification with the Son, seeking only what He would seek. When we pray with that perspective, we begin to pray for the things that really matter and eliminate selfish requests. His promise when we pray that way is, “I will do it” (v. 14).”

But we also use those words when we speak out loud in situations that may cause us to fear or doubt. We speak them when we feel overwhelmed, overstressed overwrought, oppressed, depressed and just flat out being worn down by our enemy, the devil.

When we sense we’re in a spiritual battle of any kind, and when we long to submit to the sweet abiding nature of our Lord, let us say:

In Jesus Name, I will not fear.

In Jesus Name, He is Lord of my life.

In Jesus Name, I will not doubt.

In Jesus Name, I will not worry.

In Jesus Name, I will walk in victory.

In Jesus Name, I will trust God.

In Jesus Name, I will walk by faith, not by sight.

In Jesus Name, I will bear the fruit of joy.

In Jesus Name, I will love my enemies.

In Jesus Name, I will pray for those who mistreat me.

In Jesus Name, I will fix my eyes on my Lord, and not the problem.

In Jesus Name, I will not grumble or complain.

In Jesus Name I will exchange my paranoia for praise.

In Jesus Name, I will pray.

In Jesus Name, I will work.

In Jesus Name, I will serve.

In Jesus Name, I will love.

You see, when you say {call on} the Name JESUS with a submitted spirit to JESUS, you just fetched the power of GOD. You just summoned His activity in your life. This is why prayer is pinnacle in our Christian walk. And when you pray “In Jesus Name”, as you embrace HIS WORD for your life, you will walk in power! You will experience more spiritual victories than defeats and you will begin to take on the nature of God more and more and more and more...moving from glory to glory to glory!

So, today while we run our errands, work at in our offices, fix supper, pick up toys, and fold mountains of laundry let the three most powerful words in this world be on our heart and out our lips…let us pray and let us say, “In Jesus Name.”


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