In Everything

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There are two words that have been ringing in my ears for the past several, several months and it’s these,

in everything

Here’s why.

Several months ago, I began to experience some things that had me unsettled. Things that caused the discernment in me to rise up and take notice. Have you ever been in circumstances or situations that you knew something was setting off some serious sirens in your spirit? Well, that’s where I was. And that is where ‘in everything’ became more than just words, but became the constant, ever-present ringing instructions for my day to day to day to day life.

in everything 

You see, I needed to have my eyes opened to see what I needed to see. I needed my ears opened to what I needed to hear. I needed guidance and direction. I needed divine discernment, and heightened insight.

I needed the voice of the Lord.

I needed His Spirit to do what He does so beautifully and impeccably always in perfect timing – counsel.

I fervently prayed for it.

And that is why those two words are now engraved in my heart for all eternity – it is because of the promise and because of the fulfillment of that promise those two words have brought … and will continue bringing in my life:

“Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.” Proverbs 3:5-6 TM

From the bottom of my heart, I craved obedience to God. Therefore, I acknowledged Him in everything. One translation of Proverbs 3:5-6 reads:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. But in all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.”

In all my ways. All of them. As I woke up. As I went to work. As I texted. As I talked. As I cleaned. As I cooked. In all my ways. I simply wanted to practice the presence of God.  

And in that …

Rip and I kept taking a particular prayer to the Lord every day for months. During this time, we had experiences that seemed to want to steer us onto a certain track; experiences that came near to shoving us onto a certain path. But in all that steering and shoving there was something always missing  …. there was no peace. So, Rip and I kept praying. We knew this to be true – God speaks, there’s peace. 

Oh, our own flesh sure could have made all the decisions for us. We could have strained our brains in trying to figure out everything on our own. We could have looked at certain experiences and reasoned it all out …  and our “feelings”  could’ve directed us onto a path for sure.  But that is not what Proverbs 3:5-6 told us to do.  

No matter what,  

in everything 

I was to listen for His voice.

No matter what,

in everything

I was to acknowledge Him.

I placed my entire life – all my work – all my employment – all my business – all my relationships – all of it was placed on the altar before the Lord in prayer. I remember clearly, several weeks following that prayer, having a particular experience that caused me to go home, fall to my knees and literally cry out to my Father,

“in everything I trust You!”

Just a few weeks later, on October 19th, I heard the crystal clear counsel of the Holy Spirit! And so did Rip! There was this glaringly obvious instruction that (we knew) came straight from the Throne of heaven! When all you want is to make decisions that are birthed by the Peace of God, then when that Peace is there, you move! And you move quickly!

The time had come to move in a direction that was twofold – resign from my position at church, while stepping (by faith) to working our Interior Inspirations business/ministry full time.

Anyone who is even somewhat close to Rip and I know just how much we love serving, and serving on staff in the position I had been entrusted was a dream come true for me! A friend of mine who has known me for over 20 years told me, “Lisa, you are in a staff position that if there ever was one “made for you” that’s it!” She knows how God has used the joys & the pains of my past to cause my heart to BEAT for families & home.

So, when I heard the Lord’s voice on October 19th, counseling me in what my next step needed to be on His path for my life, … well, the peace that came into my heart was certain and supernatural.

My last day in the office was this past Tuesday. As I walked around getting things in proper order to leave, my eyes stayed so watery, but I tried to hold them back by just smiling a good bit. I just had to keep my head down and do what needed to be done. But as I walked to my car, I lost it! I did…not because I didn’t have His Peace. God’s peace was with me in every step of that day. But it was because I was leaving a responsibility that I loved, deeply deeply loved, for the 2 years I was on staff.

Rip and I love the faith family of our church! The Family Ministry Associate position will be filled again by the man or woman that God selects for “such a time as this.” But I tell you what, whoever that person is, they are going to be blown away by how THE PEOPLE OF THIS CHURCH EMBRACE FAMILY MINISTRY!!  The people, it’s always about the people…about God’s people! When that is no longer the purpose, the goal, the motivation and inspiration in how we minister, then we’ve lost the heart of God in our work.  For me, ministry is always always about …. the people of God. Nothing else. Nothing more. And I tell what, in the time that I served in that role of responsibility, I witnessed this, too — The people love family ministry!  They get behind it! They not only jump on the train, but they toot the whistle! They love family ministry, not only for the biological families, but they also love that it is for the “faith family” of FBCM. They get it. They truly get it. They get that …


So, what’s next for me … well, … I go for it! Now, Interior Inspirations is going to become whatever God wants it to become, and it’s our prayer that we will increasingly see God glorified and the advancing of His kingdom! Because I have learned, to such an insane degree, that God IS faithful to lead and to keep my feet on His path for my life. And that Proverbs 3:5-6 promise is always fulfilled when I simply cherish and obey the instruction to listen for His voice and acknowledge Him …

in everything. 

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