Ideas in How to Celebrate and Collect Holiday Memories

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When my daughter came into the family room with a hand full of wet mail, I just knew all our mail was unsalvageable. It was literally drenching wet. She looked closer to a white envelope and read that it had our family’s name on it, and managed to open it without it tearing or falling apart in in her hands. And when she got it opened, she read the front of the card, took out the letter (that was still legible) and then … leaves fell onto her lap! Samantha said, “Oh, fun! It has leaves inside the card!”




THAT let me know that whoever the Thanksgiving card was from, it was someone who simply wanted to share the joy of autumn and the joy of her family’s life this holiday season!

Meet the Fraser Family!


This is a precious young mother who happened to stumble across our Youtube channel one day and … well, after she reached out and we connected, this godly young lady has just captivated me attention! She is not only a young wife and mother who is deeply devoted to the Lord and her family, but she is truly “owning” (as she put it) the calling to prioritize “family” and embracing homemaking. So, when I got her card and her letter, … the world stopped long enough to hold the leaves she sprinkled into her envelope while reading every word! OH, and the leaves…they came from their photo shoot location. How thoughtful is that! But one thing that touched me the most while reading the Fraser letter, was this … they truly posses a Thanksgiving spirit that never ends. Thankful for each other, for the blessings from God and how it all spills over into their 7 year marriage.

And then again …

as I walked around my kitchen table this morning, getting ready to disassemble it and decorate it for Christmas, it brought to my mind another reason why this thanksgiving spirit is something we posses year round when we “own” the calling to prioritize family and embrace homemaking and it’s this – the joy of remembrance. There is just something about remembering and taking the time to remember that is an art of the heart, in my opinion.



While I removed our praying pilgrims, I remembered (and reflected) on Thanksgiving pasts when these little pilgrims have been centerstage for many Thanksgiving tables. My parents were with us this past week celebrating, and it was their talented hands that made them for me years ago. My dad cut them out of wood in his shop, and my mother hand painted them and then used black ink to bring out the details.




These pilgrims mean more to me in this house than anyone can imagine because I know the hours and hours and late night hours my parents spent (when they could have been in bed) making sooooo many of these to sell at a local flea market. But it also shows what “teamwork” can accomplish in a marriage. These pilgrims simply help me to remember all that I experienced growing up these past 50 years, while watching my parents love for each other, ( the mark they leave on people ), has done in their 50+ years of marriage.

This holiday season, I plan on practicing a true “Art of the Heart” by … remembering. Slowing down long enough to remember those things that left a lifetime impression on me. Remembering the “vintage values” that still resonate with me today. Remembering the people who have engraved a forever mark in my heart — a mark that inspires me, motivates me, and causes me to do what I do because it literally marked my heart with joy! With gratitude! With inspiration! With peace and with everlasting love!

I’m home today painting more rooms, decorating for Christmas, and making a pot of turkey & egg noodle soup. And while I do what I absolutely love, (making home), I’ll be exercising the God-given ‘art of my heart’ in remembering … remembering and reflecting on so many people, all the places, and all the sacred times past that God has used in my life to bring me to where I am today –



Want to really collect (in fun and unique ways) all the memories this holiday season? Here are some great ways to do just that! Click on the photos or the links in bold to take you straight to where you can purchase your own!

  • Consider a Note Roll Wall Mount so every family member and guest can write on the butcher paper an Advent Countdown Blessing – OR – let each person write on the paper what they are most grateful for, what they want to do to express that gratitude, or maybe they will write the NAME of a person they love, care for, are praying for. OR maybe they will write (or draw) on the paper a verse, an inspirational saying or their own words/phrase that is simply on their heart that day.

Then, when the holiday season ends, take the roll of paper and stretch it aaaalll out across the floor and ….. remember. Take time together to reflect. Then, take some wide ribbon and after you have rolled it back up, tie a big bow around it and write the year on the outside or even use a tag, placing the year on it, and tie it to the ribbon. Keep it in an airtight container and you can begin collecting year after year, the rolls of blessings (from Thanksgiving to Christmas) for your family and household guest.


  • The Jumbo Beige Page Scrapbook. It has 100 pages for you to add photos, keepsakes, etc. of any and every moment this holiday. If you buy one now, you can have the family and guest write in it all season long. Putting a new date on each new page or entry. Adding photos, special clips of paper, or movie tickets, pageant brochures, etc. Collect all season long while creating a Holiday 2018 Scrapbook of special memories.


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Have a great weekend celebrating this holiday season, y’all! It’s truly the Thrill of Hope!!!


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