I Don’t Know

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“Just as you don’t know the path of the wind, or how bones develop in the womb of a pregnant woman, so you don’t know the work of God who makes everything,” Ecclesiastes 11:5

It was November 1, 2014, when I posted a very simple video only because the Holy Spirit was nudging me to do it.  It was this one –


Raw. Unedited. And a HUGE step of faith that God was in the direction I felt certain He was leading. But had no idea where. There were approximately 300+ people in our Interior Inspirations group page at the time, and we felt if just 1, 2, 10 of them were encouraged it was worth it.

Day after day, one video after another, Rip and I simply posted what we felt we could in helping hearts and homes to be turned toward the home of God’s own heart, through practical steps and shared spiritual thoughts. We long to see people know the forgiveness and love found in Jesus Christ and what a relationship with Him looks like within a home. So, from organizing a pantry, ironing a man’s shirt, helping young moms develop routines with their children, to sitting with your man in a recliner and resting…we simply did as His peace led us to do.

Fast forward to December 1. We now had over 1,000+ people in the group page and daily receiving emails, private messages and phone calls from people all over the place telling us how much these little homemade videos were inspiring them, helping their marriages, and how much better their home life and their walk with the Lord was being challenged and influenced. And with every word of encouragement was the charge – “keep going!” Folks kept telling us, “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

It was during that month’s time, when I received a message from a longtime friend, Rhonda Daniels. She encouraged me to put a team together for this reason – “Lisa, I see kingdom potential all in this.” Through the guidance of one man’s text, Jim Randall, (Chief Management Officer and Lead Navigator for Auxano and a personal friend), I began reading books, studying and learning all I could about organizational health, vision clarity and how to walk in faith to the unfolding of God’s will concerning what all was happening. So many times in prayer, I’d tell the Lord, “I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know what’s happening with all this, and I don’t know where all this is leading, but You do. You’ve got this, obviously, because what’s happening is way beyond Rip and me.”

This past weekend, “the team” that GOD put together came together and we all were totally amazed at how cohesive and how like-minded we all were. The unpacking of vision that God had given to each of us individually was GOD-SIZED! HUGE! And requiring much, much, MUCH faith.  We all left with our jaws on the floor in awe of Jesus and how He has been praying for us all and has been working in us all.

To see what God has done from one impromptu video to now?! Mind-boggling! So, as I read Ecc. 11:4-5 this morning, I nodded all the way through and here’s why.

As I get older, I ask God often to keep me from getting set in my ways. To help me not be governed by routine. I agree with British expositor, F.B. Myer –

“When I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior, I married adventure.”

That means I won’t sit around “watching the wind, or looking to the clouds” – waiting for ideal circumstances. The wind is never right for the sower, and the clouds are never right for the reaper. If we look for excuses to not take full advantage of every opportunity God brings us, we can miss THE adventure of faith with Him that He purposed for our life.

I don’t know the way of the wind.

I don’t know how bones are developed in the fetus.


I don’t know what God is up to in the development of Interior Inspirations.

I don’t know where this ministry of His will lead.

I don’t know what’s around the corner.

But here’s the best part of it all – I don’t NEED to know. I only need faith in the One who does know, and an obedient heart.

As the II Creative Team would all agree,  it’s ok to say, “I don’t know” to the works and wonders of God. But what we do know is that we choose to walk by faith right into the adventure of all the, “I don’t knows” and trust Him 100%!

God has a time and a purpose for everything. (Ecc. 3:1-11), and we all must live by faith in His Word. That means we will use each day wisely. Get up early and sow our seed, and work hard until evening. We will do the job at hand and make the most of our time. (Ephesians 5:15-17), trusting God to bless the tasks we’ve done.

I just have to say…if you are reading this little blog post, YOU have been prayed for today. I’m praying that everyone who reads this, will walk courageously into the adventure God has planned WITH you in your lifetime. If you will stop making excuses, (which we’ve all done from time to time), you will experience the joys, the blessings and the jaw-dropping miracles He alone will usher right into your days.

Jesus loves you…and so do I,


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