I Can't, But He Can

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From Rene’

Today I am so excited to introduce one of our newest inspirers to you, Kim Spring. I am posting for Kim today because we we have had some “technical details” to work out and I didn’t want you all to miss one day of what Kim has to say!

Kim and I go way back…as in high school days! Who would have ever thought that we would get to be in ministry together?  Kim and her husband Kyle have four children and live in Pensacola Florida. As you will read in her post today, God has done a mighty work of deliverance in her life and she loves to share it with others. Kim has a heart for women and wants to come alongside them as they walk toward freedom.  Not only can you get to know Kim here at Interior Inspirations, but you can read more from her on her personal blog,  https://kjspring.wordpress.com     

So without further delay, read from Kim’s heart today: 

“ The cure for our problems comes in strange forms; 

it comes through admitting weakness and through a humble heart.” 

John Baker

Why was this so hard for me to do? I wanted to be “normal” so badly; and be a functioning member of society. I had already lost so much. It was pretty clear to everyone around me that I was powerless over my drug addiction. Every day I said to myself “ today I flush the bottle ” I can control this. I will just cut back, taper off, I don’t have to quit all together. Do I ? Sure I’ve lost every friend I had and my husband has to pick up the pieces of this mess, but I can control this.

What a lie straight from the father of lies. If I could’ve controlled it and quit on my own I would have. The first step to freedom is simply admitting we are powerless over EVERYTHING ……I can’t, He can, I think I’ll let Him. I heard this early in my sobriety. How can something so simple be so hard? It doesn’t have to be if we hand over the power to the One Who created us. That’s really how He made us…to need Him. To let Him write out our story. To let Him run the show. We cannot control anything, truthfully. Only ourselves and I’ve proven that even that’s hard to do.

I’m taken back to a song that we sang in my childhood “they are weak but He is strong”, anyone remember? The Bible says over and over that in our weakness He is strongest. We must admit our weakness and rely only on His strength. How do we do this?

Get rid of the pride that has kept us where we are for so long. The pride that kept us from getting the help we need. Pride keeps us in our struggles and makes us completely unteachable, unchangeable, a mess. It must go for God cannot exist in a heart full of pride. So here’s where God’s grace comes in and begins the healing process. We ask Him to get rid of the ugly and fill us with the beautiful… Him. He gives us the ability to be teachable and to daily die to self and let Him have complete control. We cannot go back and change anything. As haunting as those memories can be, we have to consciously take each one and give it to God and let Him continue the work that He started in us a long while ago.

Psalm 18:18-19 says, “ they attacked me at a moment of weakness , at a moment when I was weakest, but The Lord upheld me, He lead me to a place of safety, He rescued me because He delights in me.”

Oh how He delights in YOU. Oh how He loves YOU. If you’re struggling today with a hurt, habit, or hang up, and your life is completely unmanageable, go to the One Who longs to manage it for you. Name your hurt or habit and surrender it today. He wants to give you an abundant life. A joyful life and He’s ready for you to come back.



Let’s Pray:

Dear Heavenly Father, We come to You today praising You for Your grace that has set us free. That when we are weak, You step in and give us Your strength. We ask You today for the courage to admit our lack of control and the willingness to hand it over to you. We are so tired of trying to go this alone. And for the ones still struggling, Lord, I pray that You wrap Your arms around them, keep them safe until they are ready to say “I can’t, You can, and I’m ready to let You.  In Jesus precious name we pray,  AMEN




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