How God Organized Our Life to GO with Him to Mississippi

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Happy Sunday morning!

In this video, Rip tells the story in how God started back in August 2015, really organizing our life, getting us more focused and intentional, to get us here in Mississippi. We knew “change” was coming, but had NO idea what that change was.

In August, He told me,

“Work Interior Inspirations with more focus, more excellence and more one-on-one personal involvement with folks. By December, you will be leaving your current job.”  

I heard Him. I obeyed Him, but I have to admit, I walked forward still not 100% certain that I was really hearing Him right. But, after working at my 8 hour job, I’d leave to go help clients in their homes from August to December.

By December, I had more than surpassed my current employment income and (as hard as it was) I knew the Lord was telling me, “It’s time to go.” So, with some tears, I let my amazing boss know it was time for me to leave.

In January, my best friend’s son was getting married in Mississippi. I’m with her for 2 weeks (January 18-Feb 1),  but we never had this time planned … it just happened because I was freed up.  Just how God organized my life to be.  But while we are together planning for the rehearsal dinner, her husband, Bradley, mentions something to her one morning and … well, I’d rather you hear this from Rip. He has been itching to tell this story because this one story, this one experience with God, has PROFOUNDLY impacted him. He fights back the tears at one point. Honestly, I was surprised he was able to because usually when he is sharing this part of the journey, he squalls. He LOVES our former pastor, Steve Livengood (my former boss). And when he was preaching a message on, “Will you GO? Will you be willing to GO wherever God wants you; giving God a blank check,” Well, listen to Rip tell our story. To God be the glory!

(After the video, I’ve shared the message we heard by Steve Livengood that caused Rip to take me by the hand and we go together at the altar steps and surrender our life to GO wherever, whenever, doing whatever God wanted for our life.)

**Dr. Steve Livengood gave this message, “As You Go,” on January 17, 2016. Rip took me by the hand, we prayed, and the next day I left for Mississippi for 2 weeks to help my friend. (GOD is an organizing God!)  

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