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Hi Friend!

The photo for this blog is so special to me because it shows one of my favorite “vintage” books…and the simple Christmas ornament always keeps me reminded of the real meaning of why we decorate and celebrate this time of year – the beautiful Reason of the Season – the birth of Jesus! The nail? Well, I see that and can’t thank Him enough for what He did..what He took so that I can be with Him forever. I never want to overlook His sacrifice again in my life. I actually keep that nail in our family room on a table next to a framed reminder of the power of prayer, too.

And that is why I created this one blog post…keep reading…more to come!

You see..

It’s Friday and Rip and I are working in a home together, getting it all “redone!”

This “new-u-fied home” (as Rip would say), is for a single mama and her 5 children, ages 12, twins age 8, 10 and 2.

While we have been working in her home, we’ve been reminded of our own home 2 years ago. We had purchased a 38 year old home that needed to be new-u-fied! So, … we got busy! One room at a time, and providing all the elbow grease and love needed to literally transform the new house into our new home!

Well, we were in the house 2 years ago and had not gotten to the kitchen yet, (and a few other rooms) but we were having SUCH FUN enjoying all the sights, sounds, and special touches of our new little home that we made this new video series. What was the goal? TO INSPIRE!

Bookmark this page – come back later and it’s our hope that even those this are all archived from 2 years ago, that we may all be reminded of the simplicity in homemaking that makes sense, especially now at Christmas time! So if you post photos of what YOU do this time of year in your home, then be sure to include the #CHRISTMASTIME  and #myinteriorinspirations.

Homemaking that Makes Sense –

Video 1 – INTRODUCTION video! 


Video 2 – Sights of Home – Part 1 with Rip


Video 3 – Sights of Home – Recipe and practical kitchen tips


Video 4 – Rip talks about sights to consider NOT having in your home


Video 5 – Sights of Home – Bring the Outside In


Video 6 – Sights of Home – All About Being Clean & Tidy


Video 7 – Sights of Home – From My Heart to Yours


Video 8 – Sounds of Home – SING!


Video 9 – Sounds of Home – The Sound of “Mom”


Video 10 – Sounds of Home – The Sound of Soaking


Video 11 – Sounds of Home – Rip Sharing His Heart


Video 12 – The Smells of Home – Supper Time!


Video 13 – The Smells of Home – a Unique Fragrance


Video 14 – The Touches of Home  – The Caring Touch


Video 15 – The Touches of Home – from RIP!


Video 16 – BONUS – RECIPE for Christmas White Trash candy


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