Homemaking Done Right – Part 5 – Organizing Your Refrigerator and Pantry

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Who doesn’t enjoy a nice clean and well organized refrigerator and pantry?  This is an area in our home that I tend to not let go unchecked for too long because it’s just not “the spirit of excellence” that I long to show my family. When fruit and veggies begin to rot, bread starts to mold, and something is beginning to  smell like dirty socks INSIDE my food pantry, well … it’s way beyond time to clean, purge and organize.

“Homemaking Done Right – Prt 2 – Organizing Your Refrigerator and Pantry” is a short video that I hope may inspire you to gettr’ done!


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  1. Sheila Hudson on February 21, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    OMGoodness! You are my “sister from another mister”! Loving your videos and homemaking tips. I also love making our house a home—–it’s a lost art in this busy world. Our pantry obsessions are very similar, but I am even more obsessed I suppose since I even added labels to my shelves (my 3 boys always seemed to put things back in the wrong places). So enjoy your blog posts and look forward to getting a little “house boost” when I check in with you each time. So excited to find another “happy homemaker” to help inspire me to keep going in the right direction! Happy Saturday Lisa! Stay warm—-it’s even cold in Texas this weekend!

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