Homemaking Done Right … Anniversary!! Video #1

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Y’all!! It’s been a YEAR!! It’s our “Homemaking Done Right” Anniversary!! Can you believe that it was exactly 1 year ago when we launched the FIRST “Homemaking Done Right” Videos? In case you never saw that little raw & humble beginning….here ya’ go!  It was the most spontaneous little thing, but oh my …was I ever so fired up to get us inspired in having hearts turned toward home!


Are you ready for “Homemaking Done Right … Again?

I sure am! Whoo Hoo, y’all!! I’m fired up AGAIN because of this very simple reason — we GET TO BE HOMEMAKERS! That needs to be on a T-shirt somewhere, don’t cha’ think?

“I GET TO BE A HOMEMAKER” — I’d wear that thing with such joy! If anyone reading this has any connections, let me know. I see an “Interior Inspirations” clothing line … T-shirts, aprons, headbands, stretchy pants, … good ole’ homemaking clothes! haha!


With all the holidays approaching, the first of November is always the perfect time to step back – look ahead into all that is soon approaching with the holidays – and give it all thought. But not only thought, but as homeMAKERS, we “get to” give it our all!

I love, absolutely love all things HOME! Nothing thrills me more than to be “all in” when it comes to the care, the fun the memory-making, the joy and yes, even some of the troubles of home. Because what it all means is this — we are FAMILY!

So, let’s get goin, ok? Let’s start with Video #1, and we will move right on through to Video #7, and remember…no need to rush and no need to give these videos only a piece of your attention. Just wait to watch when you can be ready to focus on the message and then, it’s my prayer, that you will be inspired!

Here is the featured image for this post…a fellow homemakers, Adriana Andy’s, “THINKING SPOT.” Click on the photo to enlarge it and see the beauty of her thinking spot. How perfect! Do you have a thinking spot? Share it….we’d love to see!

Thinking spot

I love you and love doing home with you, too!


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