Homemaking Done Right…Again! Video #2

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Happy Tuesday! I hope you’ve had a great day

Part of Today’s “Throw It Out” is REALLY obvious –

  1. throw out trash that’s literally piled up in our home
  2. throw out piles of unused bottles, containers, tubes of “whatever” that is tucked away in our cabinets and drawers
  3. go on a “hunt” for things in our home that just need to be “purged” of all clutter, trash and trinkets that are just crowding up the space
  4. throw out old food in frig
  5. throw out old or stale or dated food in pantries and cabinets

On and on we could spend the next 7 days just throwing out what doesn’t belong simply because it’s old, worn, used, torn, trashed or stained. One reason we need to do this “throwing it out” practice in our homes is because it only heightens and encourages peace – order – and clean living.

But there is another “throwing it out” discipline that I’m just ready to share with you, too…




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  1. Pam Bonbrake on November 5, 2015 at 12:27 am

    Perfect timing with the holidays and our Being a Godly Woman Study. Loved it.

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