Happy Weekend!

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Habit #1 begins MONDAY!!

We will be posting a new video every Monday – Wednesday – Friday, (with some fun and candid video with friends all along the way!) You will NOT want to miss a single video…it’s going to be so exciting to share in this series with you.
So, have a great weekend! Spend some time playing, resting and taking time to “think.” If you haven’t seen the first 3 videos already posted, be sure to get caught up. They are all here on the blog.
If you want to participate in the bible study portion of this series with PDFs and downloads, then go to the “Members” category on the home page of this site. You can cancel your $7.00 a month subscription any time.

See y’all Monday … oh, and sorry this is so short and to the point, but we have a guest coming tomorrow and y’all, I have furniture to chalk paint and some meals to prepare!

Have a great weekend!


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