Greater Intimacy with God – Lesson 4 (Part 1)

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It’s always the same never-taken-for-granted routine. My eyes open in the morning, (kiss Rip on his shoulder because that man is sawing some serious logs when I get up!), and I make my way to the kitchen, make a pot of coffee and once I sit down, it’s time to be with my very special Someone, my Father. My Heavenly Father meets with me there at the crack of dawn and I can honestly tell you that there has never been a morning when I came and yet, felt He didn’t. He always has been waiting on me. The sheer joy I feel in His presence overwhelms me some mornings, and I know it’s because I feel safe there. But more than that, He never wants me to miss the real awareness of His presence – the real verification that He is with me – His peace. His peace surpasses all our understanding and it’s His peace that settles every ounce of our being to total stillness and awe of Him.

Some mornings there is an urgency in my drawing near, because of what I want to say, and some mornings there is simply the anticipation of what He will say…what He will open my eyes to see…what He will stir in me to feel. How He will have me intercede. It’s so private; all so personal. And here’s what our entire time together actually is – it’s all nothing but time spent in…


Before we go into the first area of study, (How to Know When God is Speaking to You), I want to ask you to do something first.

  • Get a journal of some kind. Date the first page on the first day you start using the journal. As you start into your day, I want to ask you to do this:
  • Take 15 minutes in the morning to spend time with the Lord reading in His Word. Talk with Him about what you are reading. If you have a question, ask. If you are wowed by something, tell Him. But what I want to ask you to do on that first page in your journal is to simply write down what you read and what you really noticed in that Scripture. What seemed to jump off the page at you. Jot it down and write everything that you really notice in Scripture, but keep it to only this —keep it to ONLY that one thing that really is grasping your attention. Don’t write everything down, only write down the verse(s) and the thoughts that stem from that one thing that is really getting your attention.
  • Then, keep your journal with you all day. Write down anything you want to – what you see that stands out to you – what you hear – anything you may experience that seems to touch on or resonate with what you read in the morning, jot it down.
  • Then, before you end your day, read in the Scriptures again and write a prayer of praise.

The reason I am asking you to please do this is because when you get the actual bible study portion of this lesson, I would love for you to have spent one day, just one full and complete day, of starting with Jesus, practicing His presence all day, noticing His activity and provisions in your life, and then ending the day with Him intentionally, too. Write as much as you can. The goal in this is for us to literally chart our walk with Him all week. To just walk and write down some key steps of our walk that we recognize as His speaking, His doing.

Now, when I post the first portion of the study, it will be good to have that journal entry page(s) close by.

Love you dearly!!

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