When the Hunter is Away, the Homemaker Will Play!

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Heeyy y’all!!! I have missed you, but here’s why I went MIA for the past several days —

Rip left last Thursday night to spend some time in TN helping to get some things done at his mother’s home. THEN, on Monday he left TN for Missouri for a hunting trip and didn’t come home until late Wednesday night.

Soo, when the hunter’s away, the homemaker will play!! And y’all, this is how I played —

I called my painter and told him my plan – to paint the entire house (all the walls and all the trim) while Rip was away and so when he got home Wednesday night, the entire house would be all painted and fresh decor in certain rooms/spaces of the house. Daniel (my painter) thought it was a great idea!! So, I asked him if he could spray all the cabinets (inside and out) in our kitchen and laundry room on Friday morning. He not only came and knocked all that out Friday, but he sprayed other doors, too. I was busy painting trim in the family room, and then the dining room. Then, he showed up each day Rip was gone with a man off his crew!

So, since last Friday, I have woken up at 4:00am, had some amazing times of bible study with the Lord, then at 6:00 would start painting. I literally did this every morning, through Wednesday. Up early, quiet time/writing time, and then painting time aaaaalllll day!

SIDENOTE: I know I didn’t get a video and the study up for our next lesson “Praying with the Heart and Intercession” but y’all, it’s coming! I will have it up before Christmas eve, so after Christmas, (and before the new year), we will have our last lesson to jump start us into our brand new year – that lesson is titled, “Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength, and Love People!” Thank you so much for your patience, too!

But anyway…so while Rip’s gone, two things were a part of my daily regimen – 1) a rattail brush!! Oh, my word, girls!! If you have never painted with a mini- rattail brush, you don’t know what abounding JOY this little miracle will bring you as you paint trim, door frames, and door faces. It not only makes it so much easier to get a good solid (dripless) coat of oil base paint on, but it makes almost an airbrush finish. LOVE LOVE my little rattail!!

The second “had to have it” essential for those 6 straight days of painting was … dry shampoo!! COULD NOT have made it without it. I would spray my hair with that stuff, pull it all back into a ponytail and paint ALL day!  Of course, supper time was TAB and popcorn!! (don’t judge!)

It would be close to 10:30 or 11:00 when I’d get to bed and then … back up the next day.

When Rip pulled up Wednesday night, I met him outside at his truck. As soon as I put my hand on that bald head to pull him in for a hug, he said, “I smell paint.” I said …”Oh, baby, you just wait!”

Y’all….he walked into the house and saw all the “Amazing Gray” walls and all the “Snowbound” trim and his face looked like someone had just given him a million dollars! He looked relieved, (because it’s something we have both talked about doing, but we work so many late hours that we simply never have the time), and he looked HAPPY! He hugged me so hard and said, “You said you were going to take a vacation and just relax while I was gone.” And I told him, “This is vacation for me! To see all this done and now you can just enjoy it, THAT makes me happy!”

And it does…I wanted to surprise him with something he’s wanted us to do, but now he doesn’t have to do a thing! And with popcorn, a Tab, and keeping the TV on Christmas movies …. I had a BLAST!!! There were a couple of times when I needed to leave to play Mary in a live nativity, but then as soon as I’d get home…it was time to get at it!

So, thank you for letting me take this time to really focus on our home. The next bible study lesson will be posted right after Christmas and I will post it here and to my email subscribers, too. If you have not subscribed to our website, here’s how you can:


I love you all dearly! And Merry Christmas!

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