Greater Intimacy with God – Lesson 2

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Hi friend!

Are you having a good week so far? Mine is going just as the Lord has allowed and is in total control of, so I can’t help but praise Him for being a good good Father!

So, my computer is much much better! It needed time to back up and get some of the hard drives all cleaned out. The only issue left is I am not able to upload into YouTube, so I have a phone meeting set up with YouTube at 7:00pm today and we will see what the problem is. But here is Lesson 2 of our bible study.  It is rather long but this one lesson is all about “no attachment” to this world.  This is a huge lesson for us as we long for greater intimacy with the Creator of this world – a world that is ruled by Satan, and is not our eternal home, but it is where we carry out the calling on our life in obeying the great commission. “No attachment” is meant to be a lesson that frees us, calms us, and corrects us so that we experience the renewing favor of our Father day after day. And Galatians 6:14 is a verse we live by:



Greater Intimacy with God – Lesson 2 PDF


After working the lesson, watch again another message from Dr. Tony Evans. I am sharing his messages with you because during the first 7 months of this year, HE is who the Lord used in a very mighty and personal way in my life. So, as we work through this study of growing in greater intimacy with God, I’ll share with you what I watched that I KNEW God brought right to me for that day!


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