God's Rod and Staff

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If you would like someone to pray for you or with you; please call Libby at 704-965-6875, or email her at teapottilly@gmail.com.  I would be honored to take your request to our Father.

 “Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.”  Psalm 23:4b

God’s rod is meant to chasten his rebellious sheep and His staff will rescue those in trouble. The staff fits right around the sheep’s neck, to pull it out of danger.

A group of us were on a bus, headed toward the Tibetan region. We stopped to walk around an outdoor market place, unaware it was Muslim market day.  We parked our bus and began our trek. After walking through this mountain top market; we rounded the corner to discover our bus was GONE! Here we were, in a remote corner of the earth and my mind began to race. ” What if this is THE END of life as we know it?”  No one will ever know what happened to us!  We will just vanish, like we never existed. Verses like “Blessed are the persecuted, for they shall see the kingdom of God,” began to flood my mind. I silently cried out to the Lord, “We are so dead. God. I don’t want to die like this.”

We eventually found our bus, positioned at the end of a dirt road; parked outside of a little bitty Mayberry type jail. Our hearts were racing; as we crawled on the bus, awaiting our demise.  The local police had confiscated our only means of transportation over that mountain.

God brought His staff to rescue us. Our bus driver and his son; were inside; for what seemed like hours, negotiating with these policemen. We found out later; they used all the money we had paid them, to get us out of there.  They were our staff, our rescuers, our deliverers.  Our Shepherd came to the ends of the earth, to rescue and comfort His sheep.

Your Shepherd will rescue you as well, either on earth or to heaven.  His ways and means are higher than ours and don’t always line up with our definition of “rescued.”   You’ve already been rescued through salvation, by way of the cross. His staff is coming! Trust that He will provide your deliverance. “Behold the Lamb of God…”

Prayer in Motion:

Shepherd of my soul, I am believing Your rod and Your staff will comfort me.  You have provided salvation for my soul and You have provided salvation for my earthly flesh, over and over again.  You are my Rescuer, my Deliverer, from the enemy of my soul. Thank You Lord!  In Jesus Name.  Amen

Remember: Would love to pray for you or with you.  Please call Libby at 704-965-6875 or e-mail me at teapottilly@gmail.com.


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