God of the Whole Earth

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“For your husband is your Maker, Whose name is the Lord of hosts; And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel; Who is called the God of all the earth.”  Isaiah 54:5

God says He inhabits the praises of His people.  We are to give thanks; however praise and worship involves more than thanksgiving.  Worship happens when we acknowledge the attributes or characteristics of the Lord.   Five attributes of the Lord our God are found in this one verse.

God is your Maker.  He is the One who knew you before the foundation of the world.  He created you for such a time as this. He knew every day you would live; before you were planted in your mother’s womb.  Bless the Name of the LORD for making you in His image.  The One who spoke the world into existence; knows ever single detail of your life.  Bring Him blessings and honor and glory and power; until death do you part.  Glorify Him as your Maker.

The LORD of hosts is His name.  He created legions of angels to do His bidding.  He also created the heavenly host of stars. God, You are LORD of all.  The LORD of hosts goes before us, behind us and is with us every hour, every minute, and every second of the day.  Bless the LORD of hosts.

God is your Redeemer.  He redeemed you from the sin that is ever before you.  One day He alone will redeem you to your heavenly home.  “Blessed Redeemer, Jesus is mine.  Oh what a foretaste of glory divine.  Heir of salvation, purchase above. born of His Spirit, washed in His blood. This is my story, this is my song, praising my Savior, all the day long.” If you know that song, why not sing it right now?

Jesus is: the Holy One of Israel.  Conceived of the Holy Spirit; inside of a Jewish mother, your Savior was born in Bethlehem of Israel.  Lift up your heads, for one day He will return from the same place He left.  What a day that will be.  Be watchful my friend.  All eyes will see Him.  Every knee will bow and every tongue confess Christ as the LORD.  Cry out to the Holy One of Israel.

God is the only “God of the whole earth.”  There are many little gods who are worshipped regularly in this world; however, our God is the only One true God.  Allah is NOT our God’s name.  Our Jehovah has never been in competition with any other god.   He has always been the God of the whole earth. Worship Him now in Spirit and in truth.

The Lord God of the whole earth; will be praised, as you choose to acknowledge these five attributes.  Worship Him!

Prayer in Motion:

I worship You and acknowledge You are Maker of heaven and earth.  God Almighty, You are the LORD of hosts.  I glorify You my Redeemer and precious Lamb of God.  You alone are the Holy One of Israel.  I choose to honor You, God of the whole earth.  You are still on Your throne.   You know exactly what’s going on in the world.  Even so; come quickly Lord Jesus.  It’s in Your Name I offer up this prayer.  Amen


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