Give Your Laundry the Spa Special Treatment

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It’s Monday – and I know there is no need to remind us, but we know by now what THIS beautiful and glorious and exciting and wonderful and superb day of the week is for at Interior Inspirations!!


Besides the normal laundry, I intentionally waited to deep clean (stain lift) table linens and cloth napkins for today. The normal dirty clothes are all ready for the machine, but today is when I will SOAK in Norwex detergent all those linens I used on Thursday.

Norwex detergent

I washed them all Thursday night, just to get that initial cleaning, but today is SOAK’n day.

Sometimes, ladies, our holiday linens need time to have their own day of spa treatment, and they just need a nice long hot or even a cold soak.

When you freshen up your table linens, then when it’s time to use them again, they are all nice, clean, stain free, (possibly pressed) and ready to go.

Happy Soak’n day!

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  1. Pam Bonbrake on December 3, 2015 at 10:30 pm

    Lisa, This was a cute article. I see we have some of the same linens too. Pam B.

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