Get Organized – Part 3

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I got to work this morning, picked up my Dr. David Jeremiah’s devotional book and read:

The family is God’s idea. In fact, it’s His primary idea. Civil government and the church also came from the mind of God; but long before He created those institutions, God thought of the FAMILY. In the very beginning, He looked to Adam and said, “It is not good for him to be alone.” He brought a woman to him and family life began. 

Since the family is God’s idea, it operates best when it follows His patterns and operates under His lordship. Until Christ is the center of our homes, all our attempts to improve our families will end in frustrations. Unless the Lord BUILDS the home, we labor in vain in building it.

Even in the easiest of times and best of circumstances, it’s hard to build a Christian home; but any attempt apart from the lordship of Christ is doomed to failure. God loves you and wants to be the Lord of all your moments, days, attitudes, and HABITS. When He is Lord, it changes the atmospherics of the family. Problems may not disappear overnight; but when Christ dwells under your roof, He brings hope to the home and healing to the heart. – David Jeremiah

When I read this devotional, I had just made the “Get Organized – Part 3” this morning before leaving for work. David Jeremiah  also said this:

God has a good PLAN for building good homes. He tells us that if we put Him at the center of our home, that’s the first thing. – David Jeremiah 

What a perfect intro to this next video in our series:

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