Get F.I.T. with Kim Leto and Lisa Rippy

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How in this world did an ESPN Fitness Competition winner, Kim Dolan Leto, and myself get connected?!

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Well, it was several weeks ago, I was sitting on my sofa having a quiet time and prayed,

“Father, this is Your body, not mine. I want to take the absolute best care of my mind, my health, my fitness, my emotional health….will You help me find someone I can learn from, trust and together, we get going in getting in the best overall health and fitness and strength of my life?”  

The prayer was answered by the Holy Spirit leading me to Kim Dolan Leto. An ESPN Fitness Competition winner and has been on the cover of many health, wellness and fitness magazines. But she is the author of F.I.T. – Faith Inspired Transformation

She and I are the same age (47) and she, too, is a happily married wife, mother and step mother and has the JOY every day in pointing people to Jesus…every single day her mission is to inspire that “fitness is our witness.” She believes that spiritual health, (seeking first the kingdom of God) is paramount, before physical health. And as she explains, God took her through a very personal journey to teach her and make real to her that one truth.

“First most important component is that you spend time with God every day.” – Kim Dolan Leto

But her heart for being a wife and mother is obvious in everything she does…she loves being in the best health possible because she wants to live a life of example for her daughter. She wants her little girl to see that the Temple of Christ that her body is, is to be taken care of with so much intentional care and love.

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I ordered her book, and have not only read it’s content but have APPLIED every word, every page to my life. And I promise you…this is not like any fitness book you will ever read or work through. I’ve cried as she leads you to dig deep in vulnerable places and areas (or roles) you have played in your life that is not God’s will for you. She has saturated her book with God’s Word and really helps you to “go there” as to what you have believed about yourself.

One line out of her book that really spoke to me was –

“Just because it’s someone’s opinion about you, doesn’t make it true.” 

Kim’s style of writing is as though she is alone with you, wanting to help you understand God’s opinions, God’s speech over your life, not the opinions or speech (or lies) of others. As I have worked through her book these past several weeks, I’ve cried, I’ve soul-searched and I’ve come to a place in my life that all I want is GOD’s view of who I am…who HE says I am…and who HE says I am to be.

Kim shares so much from her personal vanities, personal hardships, but also those defining moments when she gave God full control of her life.

Her 700 Club interview touches on some of her journey …

I have not missed a day either at the gym or using her workouts at home these past several weeks, and my view and approach to food, health, fitness has been and is still being transformed.

So, she and I have been staying in touch and have agreed that NOW is the time to come together and inspire the Interior Inspirations community to start into 2016 pursuing optimal spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health.

Kim and I will be sharing on January 3, 2016, an interview time with you. I’ll be asking Kim several questions about her life as a fitness competitor, but also as a busy wife, mother, homemaker and business woman. Kim’s “world” is to witness for Jesus! And it’s our desire that as she and I come together to encourage and better equip you in reaching your own fitness goals, that you will be TRANSFORMED into THE WOMAN you long to be as you serve your own families, your own friends and in your own churches and communities.

It’s time!

It’s time for homemakers to be women of real strength, dignity, optimal health and success God’s way!

It’s time for women to no longer believe the lies of the enemy.

It’s time for women to know the Word and wield the Word of God!

It’s time for women to treasure up in their hearts the experiences God brings into their life to transform them more and more in the image of His Son!

It’s time for women to know the promises of God and to LIVE the promises of God!

It’s time for women to feel free to explore, to set their heart on adventure, and to know that God’s plans for their life REALLY is full of hope, prosperity … HIS WAY!

And it’s time for women to wake up every day and just long for one thing – Just give me JESUS!

Now is the time!


So, between today and January 3rd….

  1. prepare your  heart. pray. be honest about your spiritual health, your emotional and physical health. it’s all vitally important to your Creator and He longs for it all to be vitally important to you.
  2. prepare your home. google Kim….go to her site, her Facebook group page, get to know her on your own through her social medias – Instagram, Pinterest, etc. And you will find a wealth of health tips – you will also find a woman with a heart for God and for people.
  3. but most of all, get her book & Get F.I.T. Program. and get going! If you want to start now, start now. I sure didn’t want to wait until January to get going in all that I was learning from her. But if you want to wait until January 1, then between now and then….order her F.I.T. program. I ordered it in digital so I could do her workouts as I travel this new year, and whatever you do – spread the word!

At My Interior Inspirations, we will be moving into the NEW YEAR with a NEW FOCUS on being a NEW YOU!!

It’s time to throw out the old and usher in the NEW!!

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:9

God IS at work and He is at work IN your life!! Believe it. Receive it. and LIVE!

I love you and can’t wait to be on this journey with you!!


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