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Y’all, have you ever been strolling through facebook, you know…mindlessly-like…where you are just on to scroll? Not read anything deep, but to really see what all folks ate that day, what they did, and if something catches your eye THEN you may roost there for a minute? Well, that’s what happened one day of strolling and scrolling through facebook. I saw this cute young lady with her smile as big as the room, pushing her hair back obviously showing some super cute earrings. As I stopped, read what she had to say, she was actually selling them and at a fantastic price!! So, I did what all southern women do when they see something sparkly and at price that keeps hubby happy with the budget, I bought them!



That led to a bracelet set a few days later…

That led to a necklace a few days after that…

That led to another pair of earrings and bracelet….

That led to “I need to let my friends know about this young lady and all that she has in her jewelry collection!”

So, meet Gabby Dickerson – of Gabby’s Designs.



I sent her some questions because I told her that I would LOVE to be able to share her,  her jewelry creations, and just her faithfulness in what she does in being a Proverbs 31 woman in her home, and this is what she had to say… (so so sweet!)

I have been married for 3 years and we have 2 precious boys. A 4-month old and 2 year old next month. I got the opportunity to stay home with them and am so thankful for that! They keep me pretty busy, but I enjoy making and showing different jewelry to all of my customers. 
I grew up and was raised in Ridgeland, Mississippi, and my family moved to Madison, Mississippi, my junior year of high school and I have lived in Madison ever since then. 
I started making jewelry in May of 2019. I have always loved different types of jewelry and started seeing others post on social media different things that they loved and thought I could give it a try. My mom used to have a hobby of making different pieces of jewelry with beads and she passed all of her stuff down to me and I started playing with it and have loved it ever since. She’s been my biggest supporter since day 1 :). I would watch videos and search for different ways to make things. I do buy some things from different vendors, but my favorite is making earrings.  
My mom is my biggest inspiration.
There are some days when I get discouraged and she always pushes me to do something new with my jewelry or keep going. She’s pretty awesome. 🙂 
I am more of a one time making person rather than custom orders. If I get a certain piece from a vendor and they want more, I can always try to order more. But if I hand make the piece and don’t have those certain pieces left then I have just ran out. 
When I’m not making jewelry, I am spending time with my sweet boys as I’m now a stay at home mom. I also enjoy working out, painting, and spending time with my family and friends. 
People can find me on Facebook and Instagramunder Gabby Dickerson Jewelry. I love all of you for supporting me! 🙂
I accept pickup, PayPal, or shipping and either one is great for me. I do ask $3 for shipping and get it out within that day or the next. 
So, here are some of her jewelry pieces….and because I do have a few of her pieces, I can tell you that they are stunning!
This photo doesn’t do this necklace justice…I have it and it is gorgeous! She sold me some small hoop earrings that goes great with this, too!
Gabby’s Jewelry piece is the gold bracelet with the two sage green stones. I put it with 2 others and loved how it all worked together! But that little bracelet looks great, too, all by itself with denim and white.
I bought this set BUT the one I have is in all golds and muted colored stone.
Love these! They will go with everything…anything…dainty and cute.
I noticed this morning she’s starting to share some earrings for the fall…be sure to check her out!
*** If you have a home based business, send me an email to so I can meet you, talk about your Proverbs 31 cottage industry, and I’d love to share what you are doing all from your home. 
Love you all dearly,
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I’m Lisa Rippy, a happily married woman to my wonderful Rip. We have 5 children and we live right outside of Madison, MS. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a love for all things “homey” from decorating, simplifying, remodeling, organizing and simply turning a house into a "Home Sweet Home." My passion is helping families live the life they long for in the interior of their hearts and homes. It all requires thought, planning and work that Rip and I both love to do! But if there is anything at all I can do to help you and your home life, please reach out to me. Nothing would thrill me more than to inspire YOUR heart and home!

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