Freedom in Christ #2

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Today you get a little background on me. It will take two posts to get it all in. I want you to know that I share my story NOT so you will feel sorry for me, but so you can see how God gets the Glory, because He has done great things in my life. I also want to be painfully honest with you so that you can identify me. If you are suffering or have suffered in the past I want you to know you are not alone. This sister understands how you feel, but more importantly God does.

I love God’s children and I love His creation. If you have received Jesus, you are His child, if you don’t know Jesus yet, you are His creation. My prayer is that you will come to KNOW Him as I have, He came to set you free. He has done this for me.

I especially love women. It is the love of Christ FOR me that stirred up this deep love in me for women. It is because of this that I am compelled to speak to you, even about the hard stuff, the ugly stuff, and the uncomfortable stuff. I have no shame or condemnation because God uses ALL things for our good and His Glory according to Romans 8:28. So, if my journey to understand what it really means to be free can be used by God to set someone free, then may He use it and be glorified.

First Peter 2:9 says, ” It is now time for you to demonstrate the goodness of Him who called you out of darkness into His amazing light.”

Not only did Jesus save me as a child, but He restored me later in my adult life…He brought me out of a very dark place into His amazing light, His peace, His grace, and His purpose for my life.

I  became a Christian at the age of 12. At age 22 I realized I was not letting God be in control so I rededicated my life to God and was baptized again. I didn’t do this because I didn’t think I was saved at 12, I did it because it was a profession of my new commitment to the Lord. I wanted Him to know it and I wanted to show others through my baptism.

Now, we must fast forward to about 3 years ago. I was shaken to my very core. I went through the toughest physical and spiritual battle I have ever been in personally. From the re-dedication that occurred at 22 until about age 46, spiritually speaking, a disconnect happened somewhere in my life. Those “things” that I mentioned in yesterday’s post….fear, chaos, confusion, the things of this world;  they all slowly crept in and that is what led to the spiritual battle that I would face. I once heard Beth Moore say in reference to her sin, “it’s just me and Him; He is the only One who know the depth of my sin. Some things are just between me and Him.” Ladies, having to confront your sin is ugly, painful, hard, and at times debilitating.

I am going to stop here for today. Tomorrow I will go further into more description of what I went through. Again, not for me but for you and for the Glory of God.

So, take this post and do a little reflection, do a little soul searching. Ask the Lord if you are demonstrating His goodness and if not, ask His forgiveness and ask Him to help you to change. There is NOTHING He won’t do for you as long as you believe in His Son Jesus and call to Him for help. Continue to ask the Lord what your “things” are. Ask Him to heal those areas in your life. Ask His forgiveness. He is listening and waiting to forgive, heal and restore you. Just call on Him, He is all you need. Until tomorrow………….

Living Free,


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