Forever 21 – Part 1 (Libby Williams)

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Libby Williams is happily married to Ben (high school sweethearts) and they have two sons, Joshua and Justin. She is also a mother-in-law to two wonderful daughters and a doting grandmother. When she’s not with her family, Libby spends much time with friends and is a teacher of the Word of God. Her passion is to encourage women in their relationship with Jesus Christ through daily writings on her Word Press page, “Devotion in Motion,” as well as teaching and speaking at women’s events. She is one amazing cook, precious friend to everyone, a true example of being a war room woman of God, and has such a contagious laugh that you can’t help but feel the JOY of the Lord when you are with her! Although for almost 2 years, she has been a regular writer for us, we have asked that she spend the next 2 weeks (6 posts) going deeper in encouraging us with her teachings. So, get your bible, pen, the new prayer journal Elissa Roberts inspired us to create, or a notebook and get ready. You’re going to be richly blessed and definitely edified (built up) by this saintly woman of God!

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Have you ever shopped at “Forever 21?”  The company’s mission is to provide shoppers with an unprecedented selection of today’s fashions, with affordable prices.  They are known as always changing; always in style.  When Jesus’ disciples asked their Lord to teach them how to pray.  He began teaching them to pray what we know as “The Lord’s Prayer.”  This prayer never changes and is always in style.

I was recently asked to lead a ladies’ retreat on prayer.  The Lord impressed on my heart to lead the retreat based upon the Lord’s Prayer.

I actually said the words, “Well, that’s boring.”  Oh God, forgive me!  You know why I believe I made that statement? Here’s my confession. I use to always say it, instead of pray it.


Although the prayer doesn’t change, your life certainly can and will, if you will pray it!

Jesus had just told his disciples; “Do not to pray in order to be heard by others but go into your closet to pray and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”  

1.   Prayer is between you and your Father,  in the secret place. (Matt. 6:6)

2.   God does not want you to use vain repetitions, with lots of words. (Matt. 6:7)

3.   The Lord knows what you have need of before you ask Him. (Matt. 6:8)

Your Father’s heart is for you and not against you; precious daughter of the Most High God.  Pray this fervent, effective prayer until it becomes like honey dripping off your lips, for the love of your life. Your Father is the love of your life. He first loved you.

For the time conscious woman;  the Lord’s prayer takes exactly 21 seconds to pray. While you are doing your earthly tasks of work, cooking, laundry, cleaning potties, wiping spills, sweeping the floor, taking care of your family; you can pray the Lord’s prayer.

It’s not a a prayer for reciting, but a prayer for inviting God’s Kingdom will.

I have said it hundreds of times over the course of my life, without engaging in this powerful prayer, without praying to my Father who is in heaven.  It’s easy to do.  As I began praying it versus saying it, I realized the power in this prayer of Jesus.

This forever 21 second prayer is full of worship, seeking God’s will, petitions for our daily food and pleading forgiveness over our desperately wicked hearts.

This prayer is found in Matthew 6:9-13.  Today we will look at the first three verses of the Lord’s prayer.

vs. 9    “Our Father which art in heaven; Hallowed be They Name.”

vs. 10   “Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

vs. 11    “Give us this day our daily bread.”

These verses reveal a high view of God.  Just the fact that He is Holy and we are not, should bring us to fear and revere our Heavenly Father.  There are many people in today’s world, who have a high view of themselves and a low view of God.  They forget He created them for His purpose and plan.

vs 1 – This prayer begins with praise to: “Our Father, who art in heaven.”  That opening statement tells who God is and where He lives.”  God is on the throne and longs for us to get our eyes off of ourselves and on to Him.

The word “our”, indicates a relationship, a belonging if you will.  If you know Jesus, you have been chosen and adopted into the family of God.   The relationship between a father and his daughter can never be severed; as long as time shall last.   No matter how your earthly father treated you, nothing can severe the sacred tie.  You were brought forth from his seed because your Heavenly Father wanted you to live in His world.  He has people with whom He wants you to invest your time and pour out love upon.

As Lisa has been sharing with us in her current youtube video series, this is “YOUR Life and Home,” she is inspiring us all to take joy and ownership in this one powerful truth – God has made YOU and purposed YOUR life to be uniquely His.  There are unique plans He has just to see carried out in and through YOUR masterpiece of a life! And what is so exciting is the word “You” starts with “Y” – (stands for Yahweh) and ends with “our” – Yahweh plus our life of surrender equals the beautiful meaning behind “YOUR life and home!”  Yahweh is first in our life with Him … Your always with your Great Shepherd who loves you!

vs 10 – Your Father wants you to accomplish His “kingdom come” purposes, while you still live on this earth.  He wants you to glorify Him; in all that you do and say; so that others will see the difference  Christ has made in your life.

If you have children; which is most your child, the youngest or the oldest; the adopted or the children birthed from your womb?  As a mother; you love them all the same.  That’s how it is with our Heavenly Father.  We are all His favorites.  He loves you with an everlasting love.

vs 11 – He will provide for your daily needs on a daily basis. That’s why He has us pray; Give us this day our daily bread. We are not to worry about what tomorrow holds; for tomorrow has enough troubles of it’s own.  Pray the Lord’s Forever 21 Second prayer on a daily basis.  Just as you eat three regular meals a day and believe it will nourish your body; pray these words regularly and watch to see what God will do.  He will nourish you and grow you in the areas He wants to see you grow.

Devotion in Motion: Grab a notebook or your new prayer journal that Elissa Roberts inspired us to create and a pen. Write down what your Father speaks to you, as you pray these first three verses.  I think you will stand amazed in His presence.  Forever 21 is about to take on a whole new meaning.





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