Finding God All Around Us

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Do you ever have days when you just feel down? Days when you are sad and your spirit is tired, but you can’t figure out exactly why? I certainly do.  The enemy loves to whisper lies to us and it’s a daily battle to block him out. You might be asking…but how do I do this?

The answer is simple…by making a conscious effort to find God all around us.

I like to pray during my drive to work in the mornings. I’ve noticed that the mornings when I’m thanking God for every single detail of my life, despite how tired my spirit may be, are the days where I suddenly feel a warm ray of sunshine on my cheek and I know that God is there— reminding me of His love and promises.

There are so many amazing reminders of God around us each day and we simply have to remember to be open to looking for Him. My son’s kindergarten class has been incubating baby chicks the last 21 days at school. The children have been so excited and I’ve enjoyed getting an update each afternoon from Landry about the progress.  I walked Landry into his class yesterday morning and the children were gathered around the incubator with eyes as big as baseballs.  Landry quickly grabbed me by the hand and ushered me over to the box. One of the baby chicks had just broken free and was lying in the bottom of the incubator wet and resting from his exhausting emergence into the world. Y’all, it was beautiful! My tired spirit was instantly restored as I thought to myself, “there’s no way you can witness something like that and not believe in God.”

God shows up every day of our lives, but He’s waiting for you to notice Him. Have you stopped to recognize His presence today?  I love keeping a gratitude journal and thanking God for all the things in my life. It makes me so much more aware of all of the ways God shows up each day. What about you, sweet friend?  In what ways does God remind you of His daily presence?

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