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The most common solution to any open and blank space on walls is to hang something. Either framed art (or not framed) or framed photos, prints. But when you want to change a ho-hum space to a real showstopper, then that is when you need to think outside the “decorating box” and go from something more DIY or more expressive of your personal style.

What I’ve gathered for you in this blog are idea and ways to literally take a wall in your home and transform it….these are literally feature wall fixer upper ideas! So, be inspired…and look at that blank space in your home and think, texture, creativity, and expression of YOUR own style.

Milk glass vases with orchids used to frame the deep blue velvet sofa, rich Cityscape gray walls, with an oversized painting of an elk and hung so that it overlaps the massive crown molding … well, let’s just say that it is THE featured wall in this space! Went from one open space above the sofa, to a showstopper!

In your kitchen, do you have an open blank wall that you just aren’t sure what to do with it? How about adding some vertically installed ship lap, add a single mounted shelf across the top and mounted bench across the bottom? Now you have a functioning and beautiful wall!

Give me any time … a collection of some vintage botanicals and I WILL find something to do with them! This wall was heavy white and gray washed, distressed and then it made the perfect backdrop for displaying the adorable botanicals.

Give me a wall grouping of black and whites and it just draws me in. I want to lean in close and see their faces, don’t you? These were all taken during the winter so each photo is seasonal…how cute would this featured wall be if it went through a seasonal “fixer upper” each season, showcasing the children growing from season to season.

Does your husband or children have a sport or activity that they love? Do they like to ski at the lake, jet ski in the ocean, play football, .. take what it is they really enjoy doing and get some oversized prints made. At your local frame shop, they can create a circular matte, frame it in a nice clean black frame and you have all that you need to create a beautiful display on a wall. Add to it a floor mounted shelving unit like this and maybe even two (one on each side of the wall grouping) and display on the shelves those things that reflect HOME to you.

This homemaker took several photos of her family, printed them in oversize, white mattes and crisp gold frames. She hung them in their Master bedroom on a wall that really needed a purpose. I’d say she succeeded!

Sometimes one large photo is all you need.

…or one large piece of art that will completely complete an open space.

This wall tells the story…of dating, marriage, pregnancy, and birth of their child. One of the most special featured walls (in my opinion) of this entire blog. Love it when a home dares to be real and to really share their lives there with those who enter in!

Do you want help in what to do with a wall in your home? Contact me at lisa@https://myinteriorinspirations.com and I’d love to work with you.


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