Fan Into Flame

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“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God…”2 Timothy 1:6a 

Many years ago, my family lived in Myrtle Beach, S.C.  We only lived there for a couple of years. However,  it was long enough to make a friend for a lifetime.  I met Kay Boccabello at Garden City Baptist Church.  We made an instant connection and she began to selflessly pour herself and her Lord into this young mommy’s life.  Although it seems like yesterday we began our life long friendship, she has been my mentor and friend, for the last thirty years.

I  learned many life lessons from Kay.  We experienced quite a few real life situations.  Our two families decided one fourth of July to have our own firework show in a field behind Kay and David’s condominium.  We disregarded the fire band, due to lack of rain.  Like a video in slow motion, we watched one of our rockets burst into flame as it landed in the dry field.  We hosed it down, thinking the fire was out.  Flames exploded a second time.  With certainty, we thought we had extinguished that stubborn fire but hours later, with the wind and dry conditions, the flames began to soar again.  Clearly this was a flame that refused to be put out with ordinary fire hoses. The fire department had to be called because only the power of their hoses could extinguish this flame.

My precious reader, has your spiritual wood been dampened by people or issues?  The circumstances of your life may be trying to extinguish your passion and zeal for the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is one fire you do not want to be extinguished. Burning under all the rubble is God’s Holy Spirit fanning into flame the gifts the Lord has given you.

Prayer In Motion:

Lord Jesus, may I continually fan into flame the gift You have placed within me.  Father, may my zeal for You consume me. Help me to refuse anything that tries to extinguish this burning flame.  In Jesus Name. Amen



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