Time for a Little Decorating

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I’m plum tired, but I can’t seem to get this silly grin off my face! But while Rip and I have been finishing the new master suite remodel in our current home for the new home owners, we’ve also needed to keep working our businesses.

So, I wanted to share a little of what I’ve been able to do last week, and prior to. I also chalk painted an antique mantel and wanted to bring it home with me! I fell in love with the final results because it truly looks like a mantel that you’d find in your grandma’s house…waiting to be treasured all over again just because it’s so vintage and valuable. I’ll share the before and after of that project soon but for now, here’s a little of what I’ve been doing:

Kim guest room 1 renovation before

As I got started in this room, I had a bedside table that needed to be chalk painted and distressed. The room itself is full of timeless beauty, nearly antique treasures, so I felt the bedside table could use some good old “aging” to it. Make it look like it’s been painted and worn, just to give the room a touch of vintage among all the polished senior pieces. Inside all the TJMAXX bags are goodies for the room that helped create this –

Kim guest room renovation 1

The drapes were what I worked from – the deep green and hot pink design woven onto a pale linen fabric helped me gather up some pillows for the bed. Because of how the room was shaped, and where the door and closet space was located, the best place for the chest of drawers was right beside the bed, so a lamp on top helped raise the opposite side of the room to look and feel as high as the drapes were hung. Balance in the room can be created with mirrors, lamps, etc. To keep the space less busy, I used the same lamps on the bedside table and chest of drawers.

kim guest room 1 renovation 2

What’s not to love about this collection of feather pillows! She loves animal print and now the colors of the drapes are popping over on the bed!

kim guest room 1 renovation 4

The knobs came from Hobby Lobby and they are crackled glass, but with gold shimmering through the inside. When guests come over, what a fun little alarm clock to have perched right beside them. (love the little things!)

kim guest room number 2 before bed turned

When I first walked in the room, I loved it! But then I realized that the bed was serving as a divider in the space, and that the room itself was really very large. But you had to walk around the bed to get to the dresser and back around the bed to get to the desk and chest of drawers. It may give some feel of symmetry in this position and typically you want to “See” the headboard as you enter into a room, but then there are always exceptions especially when you have something I noticed that was even more significant than seeing a headboard….it was a window with a beautiful view!! If the bed remained where it was, the folks in the bed could only look out the door into a small hall at the top of stairs. BUT, if the bed were on the opposite wall, whoever was in the bed could enjoy a beautiful view of trees, grass, hillside, birds…etc.! Just needed to be rearranged. Also, when I started, the bedside tables were stained. Now they have been painted Annie Sloan Graphite, with a poly finish. Same with the bed stool…went from stained to Graphite. But here is the space with a larger walk space simply due to turning the bed.

kim guest room number 2 before

Having the bed now positioned where the dresser was allowed so much more walk space and no need to walk “around” a bed to get to any of the other pieces. But the bed still needed something….because I opted to keep the peacock right were it was. It was actually a little oversized to be hung between posts, anyway — so I found these two beauties at a local shop:

kim guest room number 2 renovation

It, too, has a few birds on the vintage prints and they worked great with the peacock (smile!).

kim guest room number 2 desk

And now, you can sit at the desk or lay in bed and see out the window…the dresser and chest od drawers are opposite on another and all this walk space is wide open and clear!

kim gallery wall

This was fun!! She had so many special and “memorable” items that all I needed to do to create this gallery wall was – make a trip to Hobby Lobby. I bought frames, had the large one the right matted and framed, bought the little blue shelf on the far left, and the word “Family” and then just got everything mounted and hung! I loved this project so much!! (click on the photo to see this even more closely 🙂

kim kitchen black hutch 1 renovation

Stripped the hutch down to the bones (leaving no decor) and then decorated with items she already had! LOVED decorating this!

kim kitchen hutch 1 renovation

Such a pretty corner hutch…now full of items the homeowner had in other spaces of her home – just took from Peter to give to Paul!

kim kitchen hutch 2 renovation

When decorating pieces like this, keep it simple and keep to a theme. This was all about showcasing some special white pieces, but because her large black hutch was on the other side, (full of blues, too), I popped a little blue inside the glass.

kim bathroom after decorating 3

Took this bathroom to a newer, brighter, lighter look. The shower curtains are actually panels I got from Kirklands and Rip came over to my client’s house to help me hang them high. Gave the room just a taller more open feel. Then, I added a bright silverish/goldish framed mirror, and…

kim bathroom after decorating

Used a clear crackled glass tray for paper napkins and soap dish. If you know your vanity is small and yet, you need “stuff” on it – like a towel tray, soap dish or dispenser, or rinse cup –  consider going with something clear, like crackled glass because it allows the vanity to look cleaner and less cluttered with all the items on top.

kim bathroom after decorating 1

No bath mats out, but you can sure hang one over the side of the tub.

It’s time now to get back on my ladder and paint some trim — but you know what I love most about being in my clients homes? It being able to pray in and through their home, asking for the blessings of God, His favor, to rest in their household. I just love it! AND, I love the sheer fun of helping them make the “Home Sweet Home” they are wanting – putting out fresh linens, painting a table, grouping art or photos, pulling a piece of furniture from one room and placing it in another…. all the energy that God supplies so that I can serve people is just something I never want to take for granted. It’s to His glory that I long to serve people in their homes…and when they come in, and text me or call or shoot me an email and pour out their joy, well, I give it all right back to Him!!!

So, girls, whatever you are doing today, washing, cleaning, working, organizing, running errands, … here’s a little encouragement –

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might,”  Ecc. 9:10

Have a wonderful day!

Much, Much Love,









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