Dietitian Debbie Says, “Eat More Plants and Enjoy Them!”

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So, while on the internet pursuing through so many healthy food websites, I came across “Dietician Debbie.” Who is Dietitian Debbie? So glad you asked … here is her “About Me” straight off her website:


Welcome to I’m Debbie, the dietitian, recipe developer, and photographer behind all of the recipes on this blog. Here you will find delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes that feature seasonal ingredients. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to eat more plants through drool-worthy recipes that are anything but bland and boring. Whether you are looking for a delicious bowl of cinnamon oatmeal, a blueberry kale salad, or a vegan double chocolate cookie – I’ll show you how to eat more plants without feeling deprived.

I seriously love food! Growing up, I loved reading cookbooks & Cooking Light magazine and often tried my hand at recreating those recipes for my family. In high school, I decided that I wanted a degree in nutrition since it would combine my love of food and science. I built this blog as a side hustle while I worked as a clinical dietitian in home based primary care at a veterans affairs hospital. After working in a hospital for 11 years, I was ready for a change and took the leap to do my blog full time in 2022!  I currently live in a small condo with an even smaller kitchen in the Windy City (ie. Chicago, Illinois) with my husband Will (who is also a dietitian), my son Micah, and our rescue pup Lucy.  When not working on the blog, you’ll most likely find me shopping the farmers market (iced coffee in hand!), kayaking on Lake Michigan, or reading a good book.

What You’ll Find on Dietitian Debbie

  • Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes. All of the recipes you’ll find on my blog are vegan or vegetarian friendly. Even if you aren’t veggie, you’ll still love these recipes! Many recipes are also gluten-free too.

  • Approachable Recipes. Not everyone wants to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals. My goal is to create plant-forward recipes that don’t require spending a ton of time in the kitchen.

  • Balance of Healthy Recipes and Sweet Treats. My mission is to help everyone eat more plants and enjoy them! A healthy diet is all about balance, so you’ll find the occasional cookie or chocolate treat in addition to feel-good salads and entrees.


She had me at, “…the occasional cookie or chocolate treat!”

First of all, I wasn’t only looking for healthy food, but was trying to find recipes that would help me and Rip not only eat more plants, but the recipes are actually… well, good. Tastey-ish. Something a hardworking man would want to eat and not dread sinking his teeth into. Stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer….it’s in his family line so I’ve taken it on myself to do all I can to help him live as healthy as possible…all in balance.

Debbie caught my eye when she put up a lentil pot pie overflowing with ‘plants’ all inside the pie, while topped with a golden and crispy looking crust. Now, THAT’s more like it! Rip will eat only eat a kale and raw veggie salad, (drenched in Paul Newman Ranch), a few times and he’s ready to move on.


Debbie gives you step by step instructions in pulling together this recipe.



She even provides options in how you top off the veggies. Oh, and be sure to read her recipe notes.  She also gives you the nutritional breakdown for the pie, and a very good list of “What should I serve with this lentil pot pie” which consists of either a delicious salad or another prepared side dish of roasted vegetables. She has covered all the bases in this recipe and guess what… her entire website is just like this! Great recipes. Clear and easy instructions. Recipe notes. Nutritional breakdown. “What should I serve with…” and outstanding photos of the food that will tempt your tummy for sure!

Visit Dietician Debbie and you’ll find some recipes that I believe you and your family will really enjoy.


Eat Well Live Well,





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