Death Is No Light Thing

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Yesterday was filled with bad news, over and over. My mind reeled, my heart ached, my doubts stirred. My questions were like fiery darts.  And then there was this morning….

” His loved ones are very special to Him and He does not lightly let them die” Psalm 116:15

Father, thank You for reminding me:

  1. We are Your loved ones.
  2. We are special to You.
  3. Your steadfast love and eternal covenant are very serious to You.
  4. None of Your children dies one second before You decide it’s time. It grieves You. This is not how You planned things. We messed it up, therefore earthly death is allowed. But You don’t take it lightly. YOUR HEART breaks. Eternal life with You begins the moment death here is final. Knowing this is not only great comfort to us, but it comforts You too. You love us so much! Thank You Father.

The moment we are born, our physical death begins. For most of us we go through life unaware of this until some malady hits us out of nowhere. It is no light thing to You, Father.

Paul speaks of our troubles here as light and momentary. This seems to be a contradiction of The Word. It is not. For us; all the trials, troubles, persecutions,  sufferings and death,  are light and momentary compared to what is waiting on us:

Eternal life. Eternal Glory. Eternal Peace. Eternal Praise. Eternal Worship. Eternal Joy. Eternity with You. 

So, yes, for us death is a light thing. For our Father, The One who has watched child after child die, it is no light thing.

For our Father, The One who watches not only physical death, but the death of things in our life;  it is no light thing. Cancer racking a body with pain and suffering is no light thing.  A child in the hospital, is no light thing to Him. An eye that only sees the darkness of death is no light thing. A painful and debilitating disease that is trying to hinder the life calling of a young person is no light thing to our Father. The elderly suffering infection on top of cancer is no light thing.  A teenage boy that has an ongoing infection causing impaired vision,  is no light thing. The death of a spouse is no light thing. Marriages that end, finances that tank, businesses that don’t flourish, dreams that die…..none of these are light things to our Father. 

When we take the step from here to There, all joy is complete. Jesus paid it ALL so we will truly be as He is. Ashes become beauty and mourning becomes a fountain of joy. (Isaiah 61:3) The way it was meant to be.

“His loved ones are very precious to Him and He does not lightly let them die.” 

Living free,



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  1. Libby Williams on April 19, 2016 at 6:16 pm

    Thank you Rene Collins for this timely reminder. I do thank God for you words of wisdom and encouragement always! Love you dear friend!

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