Culpepper Christmas Home

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Last Friday it was a cloudy day when I pulled up to the Culpepper’s home. What a beautiful home, and she had invited me to help by bringing Christmas decorating to the interior and exterior of their home.

As I was toured through the home to get an idea of how the homemaker communicates her personal style and personality, I clearly understood that warmth, color and texture would need to be woven into all that I did in decorating.

This is the family’s gathering space – very neutral, pretty and yet we needed to create a good place for a Christmas tree. Last year, they had the tree in the middle of the back windows, but that is just an amazing view of Lake Caroline. So, I suggested placing the tree to the right of the TV, placing the two twin swivels beside each other and pull the sofa table off to the wood flooring, while pulling the sofa on back about 6-7 inches. We added more white to her tree, with large snowflakes, white ornament balls, I added 4-5 deer antlers, with a whimsical topper…(what you see in this photo is just the beginning to the topper and the tree!!)





We are almost finished with this tree….this week on Thursday, when Rip and I go back over to add the outdoor lights on their back deck, I will add a few more fun gold oak leaves to the topper and THEN it will be all finished!



One reason why I wanted to bring in more white into her tree and all the gold pine needles is because of the art that hangs right  beside it. To add more golds and more white to the tree, just made that entire view … work. I like looking around the room at what all is used, what metals, colors, etc. and bring some of it all into the decor. “Somebody” is photo bombing!! (he’s so cuuuuuute!)


When I first saw the dining room space and the table, this is what I took in…so pretty, but there was plenty of color and style there to work with!



So I wanted to keep with the light and bright, but those soft greens in the art was what I was hoping to work with in what was right in front for the table scape. I found a soft green fir, added 2 white fur trees, white fur balls and …










Then it was time for their beautiful mantle … when I work with a mantle, I try to always look around it and pull from those sources. Like for this mantle, obviously it is that large framed art. I saw all the reds and golds, and went in that direction.









Nativity sets are peppered all throughout this Christ-centered home…







The screened porch is a “favorite” place for the homemaker of this home and so we put a big ol’ whoppin’ tree out there!







Then, upstairs is where the family’s Georgia football tree sits in a cozy sitting area…and THIS is my favorite space in the entire home! The library up there is fabulous!! But this was a fun happy tree to decorate!



As we left, it was the outside that made me want to turn and … go right back inside!!





This has been one of the most special homes to decorate for Christmas…and we still are going back this Thursday to finish up some back yard touches.

Y’all, as you decorate for Christmas, and as I do, too, I want us to keep this in mind … as this house reflects in every room, JESUS is the reason for the season! Jesus … we are getting ready to give more attention to and celebration of Jesus’ birthday! And that is always a “favorite” day!

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