Christmas Decorating 2017

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Today is going to be one of my favorite work days this week because starting at 8:30 this morning, a new client and I will be decorating her home for Christmas!  Or at least getting most of it decorated – she already has a hunch that we may need to spend another day together. But before I head out the door, I thought I’d share 2 Christmas decorating tips that helps to not only create a very warm and cozy and Christmasy home, but it also helps to keep any budget happy. Decorating for such a special holiday is no reason to wound the wallet, … know what I’m sayin’?

Select a color theme – This helps so much when you know what color theme you want throughout your home. If you like the traditional green and red, then keep that going throughout your home. Are you all about neutrals? Then keep soft neutrals in mind as you select decor. Here are a few photos of keeping a theme going —

Red – gray – white – black … it all runs throughout the home, even down to the cherry pie!

Neutrals are definitely a new Christmas decorating trend. Keeping the white, creamy white, grays, bronze, silvers, copper…all throughout the home helps create a very glamorous Christmas feel…but probably not the best choice when you are wanting to go “kid-friendly” or just fun and whimsical for children. But it sure is a very pretty “adult-ish” look that is not only elegant, but is very simple to work with. All neutrals – it all works.

Be Creative – get the family involved in creating Christmas decor and Christmas corners of the home.

In this photo, it’s a simple rustic & fun hodge-podge of decor. The Noel sign above the manger scene is so pretty and with the help of Hobby Lobby’s letters, would be easy to make. The coffee bar is perfect for inviting folks to create their own Christmas creation! Maybe add a few salt & pepper shakers that hold cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and little bit of shaved chocolate! And in our home, there is always some baked goodies under our cake dome!  (Rip looooves his sweets!! … ok, I do too!!)


A simple decor that I’m seeing so much this year is taking jute and hanging pine cones across mantles, or around trees, in front of doors mixed with garland, and here tied around jars, pitchers, etc.

Have a hutch? Add in whatever  your color theme is, little touches of those colors with ornaments, candlesticks, vases, floral stems or sprigs. Add color with plates, cloth napkins, even small Christmas vintage toys. Silver vintage trays look so pretty in any hutch, too.

Bring the outside in. That always works!! Branches, leaves, sprigs from evergreen, mixed in with flowers…such a pretty and inexpensive way to create Christmas with candles, trays, and jars.

The most important part of all our decorating is this – keeping in our hearts and minds on the real reason for the season. The birth of Jesus Christ. Somewhere in your home, maybe you could place a book that talks about the life or birth of Christ. If you have children, place a basket of Christmas story books in the family room, with a blanket tucked close by. Any time your child wants to read about Christmas and about the birth of Jesus, you can enjoy cuddling up for a good Christmas read together.



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