Growing Spiritually

Greater Intimacy with God – Lesson 1 contd.

By Lisa Rippy / November 20, 2019

Hi friend!   Here is something I’d like to give you as a “add on” to our lesson.  In the first lesson of the study, we did so much reading in the Old Testament where we saw those three words, “Here I am” being prayed to God. We were able…

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Greater Intimacy with God – Lesson 1

By Lisa Rippy / November 18, 2019

Hey friend! I am so glad you’re here and ready to get going along this ancient path of growing greater intimacy with God!  All you need to do is print off either the PDF – Greater Intimacy with God – Lesson 1 PDF or the Word format – Greater Intimacy with God…

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Right There in that Chevy

By Lisa Rippy / November 14, 2019

Hey friend! I hope you’ve had a good week so far and can even look back and see some pretty special moments that framed ‘just you and God.’ I sure can … it was SUCH a time of realizing His presence right there, reassuring, affirming, encouraging, and all while sitting…

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Part of Each Other

By Lisa Rippy / November 11, 2019

As I sit here this quiet morning on Veterans Day, my mind is full of a lot of things – I can’t help but think of all the people who sacrificed their very lives, left their families, and put the words loyalty, commitment, and defend into the bloodstream of not…

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Daddy, May I?

By Lisa Rippy / November 5, 2019

“Daddy, may I?”  The sound of a small high pitched voice of a child got my attention last Saturday at the Farmers Market. She wanted a taste of the honey a marketer was selling and even though he was handing her a sample, she still took that split second of…

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By Lisa Rippy / October 29, 2019

Sitting in our family room at 10:00 in the morning, still in my pj’s while nesting down in the corner of our long beige sofa was not what you’d find me doing (ever) on a week day. Normally at that time, I’d be out and about shopping for clients, running…

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By Lisa Rippy / October 25, 2019

I love this photo because in the midst of the dark forest, bursts a radiant light. A light that overcomes the darkness! Now, does that not sound familiar? Does that in any way remind you of some words Jesus said right before His arrest? Jesus said in John 16:33, “I have…

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Don’t Go Down…Stick With the Vision!

By Lisa Rippy / October 23, 2019

Sitting outside on this beautiful day, looking across the property to our little red barn, makes me realize just how out lives really do touch the lives of those coming behind us. You see, that red barn was built in the early 1900’s and the men who built it had…

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The Restoring Ministry of the Shepherd

By Lisa Rippy / October 23, 2019

Have you ever really asked the Lord, “Why do You want to restore me?” Not, “Will you,” or “Can You,” but “Why do You even want to?” The reason I’m wording it that way is because there have been times in my life when I knew He would restore (time…

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It’s All About You, Jesus

By Lisa Rippy / October 23, 2019

As I was praying early one morning, just talking with the Lord about things I had been reading in my Bible, a thought came to my mind and I knew it was Him. It was one word. Just a word, but when it entered into my mind, I knew it…

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