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Gabby Dickerson Jewelry

By Lisa Rippy / August 28, 2020

Y’all, have you ever been strolling through facebook, you know…mindlessly-like…where you are just on to scroll? Not read anything deep, but to really see what all folks ate that day, what they did, and if something catches your eye THEN you may roost there for a minute? Well, that’s what…

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Depression in Men, Women and Relationships – Part 1

By Lisa Rippy / May 19, 2020

This past Sunday, our pastor, Dr. Ronnie Falvey, shared a message on a topic that is more rampant of a reality among people today than we may even recognize. He taught on overcoming Depression Listening to him talk about how Charles Spurgeon, Abraham, Job, Elijah, and other men of great…

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Even If People Disagree

By Lisa Rippy / November 11, 2019

“Because you’re facing spiritual attack, then you’re doing something right and Satan sees you as quite a threat to his agenda. So, really, this is actually a joyful time. A time to rejoice because you’re experiencing persecution because of your stand with Christ,” said my daughter to me when we…

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A Few Minutes Out of Our Day For Me to Refocus

By Lisa Rippy / October 23, 2019

In 2015, while helping a friend in Columbia, TN, with some of her home renovations, she introduced me to a group of men who had their own construction business – Lee Brothers Construction. All the men in this company are just what the name says – they are all brothers.…

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It’s All About You, Jesus

By Lisa Rippy / October 23, 2019

As I was praying early one morning, just talking with the Lord about things I had been reading in my Bible, a thought came to my mind and I knew it was Him. It was one word. Just a word, but when it entered into my mind, I knew it…

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