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Engaging Family

Even If People Disagree

By Lisa Rippy / November 11, 2019

“Because you’re facing spiritual attack, then you’re doing something right and Satan sees you as quite a threat to his agenda. So, really, this is actually a joyful time. A time to rejoice because you’re experiencing persecution because of your stand with Christ,” said my daughter to me when we…

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A Few Minutes Out of Our Day For Me to Refocus

By Lisa Rippy / October 23, 2019

In 2015, while helping a friend in Columbia, TN, with some of her home renovations, she introduced me to a group of men who had their own construction business – Lee Brothers Construction. All the men in this company are just what the name says – they are all brothers.…

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It’s All About You, Jesus

By Lisa Rippy / October 23, 2019

As I was praying early one morning, just talking with the Lord about things I had been reading in my Bible, a thought came to my mind and I knew it was Him. It was one word. Just a word, but when it entered into my mind, I knew it…

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