Casual, Elegant, or Blissfully Beautiful Bohemian

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When you think Bohemian, is this what comes to mind?

II outdoor bohemian\

Color layered with color, natural elements, plenty of patterns and textures? All coming together for one “look at me” assembly?  Or maybe something more along the lines of …

II Bohemian room

Again, plenty of colors, textures, patterns, but at least now we have some sense of order… maybe? Well, what I hope to share with  you today is a new look at what Bohemian decorating is today because it’s actually much more clean lined, elegant, casual and blissfully beautiful.

Decorating “bohemian” seems to have taken on 3 very unique styles – one that is casual and one that is quite elegant and one that is a combination of both that I like to call blissfully beautiful!

These 3 photos of bohemian styles of dress gives us a little peek into how we are seeing touches of boho in our decorating.

Want to dress in a darlin’ casual boho style? Color. Contrast with color. Boho is always about the combination of color and texture. Always. This outfit gives us plenty of color with the plum tank with a flowing ruffled wrap-around skirt. The colorful handbag ties it all together, and the ornate earrings with the oversized eyewear, simple leather sandals with a loose braided bun… well, it all says perfectly casual bohemian!

II Casual bohemian

Want to dress it up a bit? Go for a more elegant boho? Throw on a colorful sequined top, dressy accessories, a flow-fitting cardigan, straight legged jeans with bold-color coordinating high heels, another loose but elegant bun and now you have boho beautiful!

II casual elegant bohemian

Taking it up one more notch – to have blissfully beautiful Bohemian, all you need is soft but prominent colors, jewel toned accessories, plenty of textures but that are delicate – lace, satins, linens … fabrics that breathe femininity.

II Elegant bohemian wedding

So how does this work in decorating? Basically you decide the style you want in a room is either 1) casual boho, 2) elegant boho, or 3) blissfully beautiful boho.


One thing that makes Bohemian style decorating so interesting and fun for me is the mixture of colors, and patterns and textures. (Throughout this post, I’ll abbreviate those three elements using CPT). It’s not a hodge-podge of things thrown together in a space, but it’s a precisely chosen assortment of CPT.  If I were given a blank canvas space, and asked to create an elegant boho look, I’d have some fun with a nice muted colorful rug, same colors in pillows, a lamp with some shimmer to the body and lined with a gold lining, add flowers, and choose a coffee table that has great texture.



Another room may look something like this – start with a seagrass rug, choose an ornate wood coffee table, pop in color (I love blue!), add a touch of “pretty” with the blue vase and you will have something close to what you see in the following photo, minus the pup! Sweet touch, though don’t cha’ think?

3 4

Again, find that unique centerpiece of a table, add some colorful fun pillows, a lamp that just demands attention and viola…


You may have something like this….but if you want to dress up the pretty pretties just a bit, choose a touch of gold on your fruit decor and place another small item on the table that has gold, pearl, etc., something a little more dressy. That takes if from casual to a touch of elegance.


Boho rustic. That is what you see here. Keep it neutral, add a natural rug of straw or seagrass, and then mix in plenty of texture … here they have faux fur throws, a faux fur rug on top of the straw rug.


Here is an Elegant Boho kitchen. What makes it in the elegant category?  CPT’s … notice the marbling in the kitchen quartz countertops, 2 cushion sectional, pretty patterned pillows, white walls…all works so perfectly with the all natural wood furnishings.  Want to dress it up just a bit more? Go with furnishings that have nail heads and is in a warm/blue/gray finish,


What elements do you see in this photo that creates the casual boho look?


This Kitchen is an Elegant Boho style, too – contemporary table with wood and straw bottomed chairs, a window seat with colorful patterned pillows, straw blind on window, colorful rug in kitchen prep area, with fun patterned pillows on the sofa, and can you see a peek of a seagrass rug on the floor? Tastefully done, y’all!  What else would work in this space? In place of a green plant, use a colorful potted flower. Add a wall clock in gold/brass, and in the family room a gray marble topped table with wood legs would look great!


What’s not to love about this casual boho bedroom!? CPT is just soothing and inviting and fun!


Now, here is where so many true BoHo decorators enjoy working…Blissfully Beautiful Boho! And if I were to take this room and put a little bit of my own personal twist to it, I’d find pieces like what you see in the photos below.


Instead of a big chunky wooden night stand, I’d find something more “leggy,” but in a light wood. With a large dark gold mirror and plenty of blush rose and gray pillows, I’d find a lamp that pulls it all together AND is absolutely a statement lamp! Mix some great patterns and …


you may end up with something like this. This photo is truly blissfully beautiful bohemian.


Although Boho is not my personal style in decorating, it sure is loads of fun!! I hope this has inspired you!

What questions do you have about decorating your own home? Not sure where to start? Maybe you’re not sure what style and look it is you really want…or even enjoy? I would love to help you because creating home is such a fun privilege and it really does reflect you, as the homemaker, and the most important thing of all is being creative. You know, sometimes being creative takes courage. It takes stepping away from what you may see everyone else doing, or what you may see on Pinterest, Instagram, … and when you strip it all away and begin to nestle in on those things that make home “homey” for you and your family, then you are free to decorate and make your house the special place it always was meant to be.

Email me any questions you may have and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours. lisa@

Happy Homemaking, y’all!






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