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Happy fall, y’all! It’s that time of year when the colors of fall are really showing off and it just makes me want to bring the outside in! With pillows, plants, rugs, decor’ pieces, paint and throws, there is so much we can do to bring touches of fall right through our windows and sprinkle it like candy corn all over the place!

Let’s look at these photos and see just how nature can inspire us to decorate for the fall — without feeling like we need to place fake fall leaves and resin or velvet pumpkins all over the place. There are some creative ways to literally look outside and let what we see come right inside and make a seasonal home.

Ok, here’s where I’m going to go all deep on ya’….but look closely at the colors on those gorgeous oak leaves! The browns, golds, oranges. Nature is showing what it does and that’s “change” and it makes no bones about it. Nature shows all that is is going through and all that it’s had to endure. Then it’s those cute button oak seeds with those textured caps that I just can’t get enough to! I love acorns!! What they symbolize is just a tremendous reality for me – and they know just how to stage their sweet little existence with warm grays and browns and greens, all just perfectly.


So, here’s how we can showcase such beautiful nature …

The rich green settee, the dark green leaves on that stately fern, those soft browns in the wood trim and photo frames, and the shelving on the book case. It all gives soft touches of the autumn season.



If you don’t want to go quite dramatic, check this out …

You  have all the colors here, just so much softer. Makes the room look inviting while at the same time, very still. Peaceful. But you have it all – the gray, the browns and the greens. Even the book on the table has some of the mauve-taupeish color that you see in the stems of the oak branches.


Now this is just so pretty to me. The shades of green with all the pops of deep orange…some of the greens are so deep that they start giving off hues of blue.  Ok, now let’s see how we can bring those beautiful colors inside with the next two photos to follow!



Look how clean and colorful this kitchen is…and that little pop of orange is her baking dish.

The hues of green and blue are so subtle, too.


Soft greens and browns and that little pop of orange 🙂



Wheat — I mean, that is natures most perfect neutral! That color of wheat will go in any room with any thing….



That’s why it looks sooooo natural with this room combination –

Turquoise, blues, greens, … then let’s just plop a beautiful vase of fresh golden wheat right on top. THAT is just stunning, y’all!



This is probably one of my favorite design ideas that I actually learned off Ballard Designs workshop, When  you want to work with nothing but soft subtle neutrals and just a hint of a color (in this photo it would be the pale sage green), then always anchor those colors with something starkly contrasting. Like, when you look at this photo of the soft cream colored leaves and soft sage cashmere looking berries, right up in there is the dark charcoal gray in two-three of the leaves in the bottom right side of the photo. When you take something like this and bring the outdoors in, it will look something like ….


Dark charcoal gray with the soft wheat colored chair and some pillows that are just perfect!



Now, this post is not trying to coax you to go out and purchase ANYTHING just to bring the outdoors in, but to take what you already have in your home – use dishes, use pillows, furnishings, accessories, and books…whatever you have to create a warm Fall atmosphere. Notice the colors you have to work with, the textures, the fabrics…think outside the box and really find creative ways to display FALL. Maybe frame some leaves. Place a pile of acorns in an old wooden bowl. Can you put a slipcover over a chair just to warm it up. But, if you happen to be in Homegoods or shopping online and just see that pop of fall color that would be a great new addition to your home, then have fun!

This time of year is such an invitation to bring the outside in because the warm colors of autumn just seem to say, “Come on in. Enjoy all that God has for us in this changing season.”

What do you like most about decorating for fall and how are you changing things up a bit? I’d love to know!

 Have Fun Inspiring Home,


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