Books to Inspire Your Heart

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Books are good for the soul. They can instantly transport you to another era or open your mind to a revolutionary idea or piece of advice without ever leaving your back porch. It is, in some sorts, the greatest counselor and teacher.

I’ve been reading some truly inspiring books as of late and I absolutely had to share them with you!

Books to inspire your heart and soul.

  • Hope Heals– Katherine and Jay Wolf married right after college and moved to Los Angeles. After having their first child, Katherine suffered a massive brain stem stroke suddenly and miraculously survived despite all evidence proving she should not have lived. However, the stroke left Katherine severely disabled and having to relearn how to speak, eat, and walk. Despite these circumstances, Katherine and Jay have found in Christ a hope that heals the most broken place of our souls.
  • The Art of Grace– Pulitzer Prize winner, Sarah Kaufman, writes about the importance of grace in the small moments of our everyday lives. She teaches us to “appreciate and enact grace in every dimension, from the physical to the emotional” using inspiration from well-known figures in time.
  • Every Good Endeavor– In this book, Tim Keller inspires you to serve the work God has called you to with great diligence, creativity, and passion as an act of worship to the Lord. He shows that even in the mundane and ordinary, you can serve and worship God with the work you are given.
  • The Insanity of God– This book is a collection of true stories of persecuted Christians from around the World. I can not even tell you how many times I got chill bumps reading this non-fiction book that inspired my faith and my heart to the point of tears of joy!

These are a few recommendations, but what are you reading this summer?

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Melody Abboud

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  1. Natalie on May 31, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    I love Katherine and Jay Wolf and their ministry #HopeHeals. I love their new book and cannot keep enough copies of it. I want everyone to read it because everyone needs HOPE! Plus, it’s beautifully written and a great love story. I was a part of their book launch team, and can’t say enough wonderful things about them. I’ve been following their story for 8 years. They are the real deal. Check it out!!! #hopehealsbook

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