Bible Study / Exodus 3-6

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I have heard from several members who are not able to get online to watch our Video lessons and are not able to work on the printed portions of our bible study until the weekends. They just have FULL days with kids home and so much going on, that the weekend is when they finally have some time to watch or print off the bible study lessons. So, I hope this is ok with you all, but to help some folks be able to get all caught up with the videos, the 1st bible study lessons we have and to read Chapter 3-6 in Exodus, I have decided to post our next VIDEO lesson WITH the next WRITTEN LESSON this weekend. That way everyone can have plenty of time to get caught up and do their reading.

If you are wanting to work the written portion of Lesson #1 – here you go! Living Certain – Lesson 1 PDF2

Thank you so much and … to those who have already completed that much of our bible study, here is what you can do with me until the weekend. I am reading specific Psalms that speak about trusting God. Read these Psalms and underline in your Bibles the words and word phrases that speak about “trust” – notice the words around that one word. What was happening in that Psalm, what is the Lord telling you in each Psalm.

Psalm 9

Psalm 13

Psalm 22

Psalm 31

Psalm 40


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