Being the Woman Your Man Needs – Without Finding Him On the Roof!

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“Better to live on the corner of a roof than to share a house with a nagging wife,” Proverbs 21:9.

It’s true. Men do not like to be nagged. Not in any shape or form. They had rather live on the corner of the roof of their home where they find peace and quiet, than live inside where there is the drip drip dripping of a nagging woman. “…a wife’s nagging is an endless dripping,” Proverbs 19:13.  What exactly is nagging? It is constantly harassing someone to do something. You may not feel you are doing that, but if you find yourself asking your man to do something and your asking is more than once, well, that’s nagging.

So, how can we be the woman our man needs without nagging? Make a list. Most men do not oppose a list. If there are a few things that you would like for him to do around the house, simply write them down on a “Honey-Do List” and thank him for his help in advance. When I give Rip a list, he does not squirm in his boots not one bit because all I say is, “Here, honey…just whenever you may have the time. Thank you so much!” And I walk away. The list does the talking, I get to be his non-nagging wife who now has new dividers built in our cabinet above the oven!! And he gets a homemade dinner, too. It’s a win win!

II - cabinet above oven organized

Be inspired:  If you are in a dating relationship or married, even making a list of things you would like to discuss with him works great. Rip and I live busy lives, and there are times when I will make a list of “thoughts” that I need to talk out with him. Some folks may look at list-making as a waste of time or as approaching your man too “robotically”. But most men see the courtesy of list-making (instead of constantly nagging) as a sign of respect toward them. Give it a try…make your list, smile when you give it to him, and thank him for all his help. Then, be sure not to nag asking, “So when are you going to get started on your list,” or “Have you started on your list?” If you do, you just started drip drip dripping again and you may look up and find him on the roof!

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  1. Libby willians on March 12, 2015 at 2:35 pm

    Great advice Lisa! Sometimes we wonder why things do not get attended to, as quickly as we wish.. Thank you. Love the scripture reminder!

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