Being the Woman Your Man Needs – Privacy, A Prized Possession

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“The heart of her husband safely trusts her,” Proverbs 31:11.

Did you know that with most men, there is a deeply romantic side that loves knowing that some things are just between him and you and nobody else? It’s true. Even though we are living in a world of social media madness, the reality of it all has not suffocated the need from your man to have … privacy.  Even though your man may tweet his every thought, post like there’s no tomorrow, and Instagram his day-to-day existence, there is still that little corner of his heart where you are tucked so tightly away that he immensely values the privacy factor he can have with just you.

Not every text between you is sharable. Not every gesture of his love needs to be proclaimed. Not every secret whisper of tenderness should be shouted from the rooftops. 

When your man sees in you the quiet strength it takes to walk against the social currents of “show & tell”, just so you can treasure what only the two of you have, it is meeting a real need in his life. The need for prized privacy. Prized means, to value extremely high and a highly desirable possession. When we keep private all those things from him that are meant for our eyes only, our ears only, and for our heart only, then we are giving him something that is a highly desired possession in his life. An extremely valued possession that is of more worth to him than he may be able to express.

Pratical Tip: Is this something that just may need to be considered in your relationship; the respect for privacy? How about talking with your man and asking him, “Do I share too much with my friends or family when it comes to certain things in our relationship? Maybe not on social medias, but on the phone or face-to-face conversations, do I tell things that you really wanted to keep just between us?”  (This may also be a question that can be asked to you, if you’re in a relationship where “he” may give a little TMI from time to time.) But whatever he says, listen without interrupting and then thank him. Let him know that respecting the need for privacy in the relationship is something you highly value as a prized possession, too.

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