Being the Woman Your Man Needs – Predictably Unpredictable

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He came in from a long hard day’s work only to find the children all ready for bed.  A babysitter was sitting on the sofa reading books to his young son, his 10-year old was finishing her homework, while his beautiful and happy wife of 12 years stood in the kitchen all dressed up and … smiling. With a gentle tilt of her head, she looked at her man and said, “I have a very special night planned for us, so go grab a shower and we need to leave just as soon as we can.”  (To him, she never looked more radiant!)

Giving quick goodnight kisses to his kids, he darts down the hall, jumps in the shower, puts on clean clothes and they’re out the door in all but 15 minutes. “Where are we going, gorgeous?”, he asked as he put the car in drive and took off with his bride. From that moment on, the two of them had one of the most amazing nights … talking, laughing, holding hands, kissing, and just being together. As he drove back onto the driveway several hours later, before she could slip out of the car he took her by the hand and said, “Thank you, baby. I love how you are predictably unpredictable.”

One thing your man will absolutely love, (if you are dating or married), is how you keep the adventure, the romance, and the intrigue going and he will doubly love it when he doesn’t see it coming. Being unpredictable emotionally is not a good thing in any relationship, but being unpredictable in the area of spontaneous surprises is something that speaks volumes to him. So, some time soon, turn up the volume!  Do something, plan something and have fun being unpredictable.


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