Being the Woman Your Man Needs – A Little Dash of Grace & Pinch of Power

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“Many women are capable, but you surpass them all!” Proverbs 31:29

WOW! What woman wouldn’t want to hear that by her man? Just to hear, “I see what other women are doing and it’s all pretty much the same things I see you doing, but baby, you surpass them all in my book!” (FYI ~ if you are a man reading this, your woman doesn’t need much more than your words of affirmation to empower her, curl her toes and melt her heart…just sayin’!) Verse 29 is the only time an exclamation point is used in all of Proverbs 31.  And when is all that emotion expressed? Right after verses 13-27, where we find all that she does and all the activities of her life, then here comes the big exclamation point to her whole life, “…you surpass them all!” 

This brings to mind a chocolate chess pie I made for my husband one day. He took one bite, moaned and groaned and said, “Baby! I have had several chocolate chess pies in my life, but yours surpasses them all! How do you make it like this? What do you do?” I did what all true southern women do when they’re asked about what they whip up in the kitchen…I didn’t give nothin’ away! I simply said, “Oh, I just put a little dash this and a little pinch of that.”  With a few smalls tweaks to a recipe, I gave him a pie that won me a blue ribbon!

That is what we find in verse 29….her man gave her the blue ribbon!

Many women are capable, but when we possess the capability to go about our daily activities seasoned with a little dash of grace and a pinch of power that makes us, “surpass them all.”  What does grace and power look like? It’s …

When a man sees his woman being thoughtful, considerate and selfless, there is a undeniable and inexpressible beauty that he beholds IN her. A radiance of joy that is breathtaking and is meeting a need in his life. The need to behold the expressed beauty and grace of God.

Practical Tip: Let’s really think about this for a second…how much could our man’s entire life be impacted by living with a dash of grace and a pinch of power? What do you think would happen in your own relationship?

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