Because When You Know

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Sunrise. My favorite time of day. And one thing that I love about sitting in my recliner and watching the sunrise is this – it’s never the same! The colors, the clouds, no clouds, the hues of orange or pink, mixed with golds and blues and greens…but as beautiful as the break of a new day is to me, I look forward to my time with the Lord, quiet and still, reading His Word, and ….



for Him to do something that only He can do.


In every. single. sunrise, He reveals His faithfulness to me. He reveals His power and glory. He reveals His artistry and His awesomeness.

And you know…I never ever wonder,

will it come? 

Is the sunrise going to come today?

Is the sunrise going to actually happen?

Sounds so silly to question such a thing. You know why?

Because I know.

know how faithful the break of day is in our life.

know how certain, in an uncertain world, the sun WILL shed its powerful presence into the fading darkness, each and every morning.

know the faithfulness of His sun.

know because …

It is.

And that is why I long to share with you, my family and friends, in detail this amazing journey God started Rip and I on in leading us to serve Him, and His people, in Mississippi.

It has required of us to never ever wonder

Is He with us?

Here’s why we have moved step by step, literally, step by step in this walk of so many “not by sight” days – it’s because

God is.

God is Who is orchestrating events that we could never imagine.

God is moving obstacles and clearing paths.

God is speaking, whispering, and watching to see our jaws drop “once again” in sheer awe of what HE alone can do.

God is providing in ways that keep us speechless.

God is protecting.

God is defending.

God is supplying.

God is our strength.

God is our rest.

God is. 

All Rip and I are doing is only one thing – only one thing that I can honestly say is all He is wanting of us and it’s this:


We have set out hearts to get up each day and follow in obedience and here’s why –

We know

We know “that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose,” Romans 8:28.

We know to “Be still, and know that I am God,” Psalm 46:10.

We know “that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture,” Psalm 100:3.

We know “that the Lord is great, that our Lord is greater than all gods,” Psalm 135:5

We know “the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent,” John 17:3.

Because when you know these things down to core of your relationship with God, you can face anything that is known or unknown.

You literally can face anything! Because you may not always know what “it is” – the future, the end results, the requirements, the circumstances, the remedy, the answers, the expectations, the (fill in the blank) – but you can always know

God is!

GOD IS always for you, never against you.

GOD IS all you need.

If you know God, then you know all you need. As Anne Graham Lotz always says, “Just give me Jesus!”

Because when you know God, when you know Who He is in Scriptures, then you can face anything. You can walk by faith, not be sight. You can live a life that pleases HIM day by day. Not for any other explanation or reason. Not for any other motivation. But only for the reason that you deeply and profoundly know …

God is!

So, go look at the sky. No matter what time of day you are reading this, find a way to go look up. Look outside your office window, go look out your kitchen window. Stop the car for just a moment and look up! No matter what the activity may be – pouring rain, glowing sunshine, clouds – as you lift your eyes toward heaven, consider making this your prayer:

Father, I want to know You. I want to trust You. I may not know what is around the corner of my life, but one thing I do know is this – You do. And today, I want to choose to place all my trust in You, for You’re faithful and good. Help me when I’m weak, to depend on You for my strength. Help me to walk by faith, not by sight, entrusting my entire life into Your hands.

Here are our past 2 devotions – yesterday’s and today’s – from our Experiencing God Day-by-Day devotional book, by Henry Blackaby.

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