Babies In My Nest!!

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

As I stir up breakfast, I just had to let you know why THIS morning is more special and more wonderful than most … I have both my babies in my nest! Trace and Samantha are both sleeping in their own rooms that I found more joy in preparing for them with fresh linens, soft lighting, and polished furniture along with little touches from mom. (Trace is 22 and Samantha is 20), and these are my biological children.

As you may know, Rip and I are a blended family with 5 children that are the joys of our heart! Beautifully created in the image of God with such unique bents and personalities. And this morning, God orchestrated it so that for the first time since last May, I am waking up and starting into this New Year’s Eve day with both of my own adult children in the house! They will be with us until Samantha leaves on the 2nd of January to start heading home to Franklin, TN, and Trace will be leaving for MSU on the 8th.

But to have them both for these next few days, to start into 2017 with them here together is THE greatest gift God could have ever given me!! And my heart is plum full! I didn’t see it coming until it came …  dawning on me 2 days ago what the Lord was up to, and I have been so happy that I just can’t smile right back at Him enough! He sees my heart…He knows my joy…He’s Who is giving me this feeling of crazy ecstatic giddiness over ALL that He has done in bringing my babies under my roof … together!  Does He not cease to amaze!?

So, what’s on the plans for the day? Nothing but FUN!! Then tonight we are having friends over for homemade taco soup and to play games as we bring in the new year!


Trace and Samantha, I love you so! You are what takes my breath away as I pray for you day after day. You are why I love the word “mom” and why my life was brought to a new life 22 years ago. You’ve given me memories that will never compare to others, and gifts in time that far exceed any earthly treasures. You both stole my heart the moment I saw yours beating with life that I couldn’t wait to hold!

Trace and Samantha …you are both admirable to me because, as your mom, I’ve watched you bounce back after skinning your knees or bruising your chin. And I’ve watched you soar higher as you rise above turbulent storms in your lives.

You both are not only my children, but my brother and sister in Christ and to see His hands on your life, to know His plans are far greater than you can ever ask or imagine, and to watch His will being threaded all throughout yours days, is something I will never take for granted.

I know you love your Lord and I know you know He loves you with unconditional and uncontainable love! So, in His love, press forward with Him … seek His face always … enjoy the joys He brings to you … embrace the wonder of His love and mercy … rest the past with Him … and have fun walking in the grace of His goodness toward you one day at a time. Walk (and sometimes run) in the adventures He brings! And trust Him.

Trace and Samantha, do you know just how fearfully and wonderfully made you are? Do you know just how overwhelmed He is by you? Do you know you are the apple of His eye? When I pray for you both, the one thing that fills my heart the most is this — and it’s so simple — yet, it’s the most true, unshakable, and certain reality of your life.

God loves you!

Your heavenly Father loves you!

And if there is one, just one thing I long for you to know and believe and receive into your day-to-day life is this — His love for you will never, not ever, not for a moment, ever change. You can’t do more to help it grow, and you can’t do a thing in this world to cause it to grow less. God’s love IS!  It IS the most sure, the most dependable, and the most certain living Hope of your life and I can’t ever get over it for you!!

And know this …

I love you!

I love you with our Father’s love and that means nothing you do can make me love you more, and nothing you do can cause my love to grow less. My love is a mother’s love infused with His … and it’s just the most amazing thing! It’s freeing. It’s reassuring. It’s certain. It’s Love! True Love! It’s God!

“..God is love.” 1 John 4:8

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34


My cup overflows!

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  1. Ann Rowe on December 31, 2016 at 4:45 pm

    Love, enjoy & dote over them like CrAzY!!!
    Reap the Blessings,
    ~Ann <
    Romans 8:28

    • Lisa Rippy on January 2, 2017 at 12:00 pm

      Reapin’, Ann!!! ((huggs))

  2. Rosa Gonzalez on January 17, 2017 at 3:10 pm


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