B.A.G. Woman study starts tomorrow!

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Before we start into the “B.A.G. Woman” study tomorrow, there are just a few things I wanted to share with you and ask of you so that our time in bible study is everything we’d love for it to be!

First, the sharing stuff:

  1. A new video will be posted each Friday. Also, each video will be archived, so anyone at anytime can watch the videos, as long as they are members. I do want to ask that you please not share the videos through any electronic channels, such as email, social medias, etc. We are wanting to keep the safety of this membership for your sake, too.
  2. I will teach each lesson in full. Each lesson will be 45-60 minutes in length, but you can watch as much or as little as you want each time you log in. This study was written for personal application, not just the gathering of information. So take your time. Linger where you need to linger. Ponder things up in your heart and let it saturate your mind and spirit. It’s not going anywhere, so if you complete the study in 5 weeks, or 15 weeks…it’s all up to how you want to study and learn.
  3. Taking care of some business:  If you want to pay for someone’s membership, all you need to do is go to the website and click on MEMBERS – then REGISTER – use their email address as the USERNAME, and their first name with the #1 as their PASSWORD. Then, use your CC of debit card at the billing info. Be sure to let them know that their login info is: UN – (their email) PW – (first name plus 1)  like this:  jane1

Now, what I’d appreciate very much!:

  1. For you to go to today’s INSPIRATION. CLICK HERE to get to today’s INSPIRATION. Read it. Let it encourage you, first, before we start into our Bible study.
  2. But then, will you please share that post on your FB wall, through email contacts, and any other venue you choose. At the bottom of that post, are share options for you. It’s titled, “How I Study My Bible.” It’s my prayer that in sharing that post, more of your friends and family will want to join and be a part of the growing II community!
  3. It’s mine and Rip’s prayer that we can reach as many people as possible with the encouragement of the Lord. If your friends and family can know that by becoming a Member of Interior Inspirations, they will receive much more help, tips, ideas, inspiration, and just everything God equips us to give!

Thank you so much! Let’s rally as many as we can to join us for the 1st video of B.A.G. Woman!

Love y’all!


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