B.A.G. Woman – Obedience PART 1 (Finally!)

Finally, y’all…this video UPLOADED!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

(Excuse the tired eyes….but I’ve been going and going, but today (Sunday) I stopped and spent the day working in my Home Binder while watching football with Trace. It’s been a perfect restful day, with my son and a pot full of taco soup!!…while waiting for this sweet video to post!)

Watch our Video!

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lisa rippy

I’m Lisa Rippy, a happily married woman to my wonderful Rip. We have 5 children and we live right outside of Madison, MS. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a love for all things “homey” from decorating, simplifying, remodeling, organizing and simply turning a house into a "Home Sweet Home." My passion is helping families live the life they long for in the interior of their hearts and homes. It all requires thought, planning and work that Rip and I both love to do! But if there is anything at all I can do to help you and your home life, please reach out to me. Nothing would thrill me more than to inspire YOUR heart and home!


  1. Tracie Cronise on November 2, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    What a great word! I love how you kept pointing us back to love. Obedience out of our LOVE for Christ. I struggled so much with this for so long. I was raised in a home where there was a real spirit of perfectionism and expectation all around me. for so long that’s the way I approached God. If I could just grit my teeth and Barrett, do you better, be better, out of my own strength and determination and will I would make God happy. I bet I don’t have to tell you how you wind up on your face every single time when you try to live the life of Christ through your own strength and your own will and determination. if I’m being honest this is still a place of struggle for me. Maybe not as much now as when I was a young Christian but it still rears its ugly head once in a while. I can jump into legalism faster than you can say legalism. It never works out for long. Thank you for this awesome reminder that my obedience to the will of Christ should come from my love for Him

    • Lisa Rippy on November 8, 2015 at 1:41 pm

      So True Tracie..every word, so true!

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