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Through an Image

By Lisa Rippy / May 15, 2020

There is really no better way to begin this blog than to tell you this – God knows you better than you know yourself, and He cares for every teeny tiny smidgin of you! That sentence can only be ended with a punctuation mark because we simply have to believe that!…

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A Call I Didn’t Know I’d Been Waiting For

By Lisa Rippy / May 6, 2020

It was 2-3 weeks ago when it all started … before I had a call I didn’t know I’d been waiting for. I was sitting outside in our swing early one morning, early enough to enjoy watching the sunrise, and was reading verses on living generous. Not that I had…

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Modern Day Idolatry – Part 2

By Lisa Rippy / April 7, 2020

While going to the Word of God and simply asking the Lord about things, what I share in this video is simply what I am reading in Scripture and processing through, (with the help of the Holy Spirit), when it comes to having an undo fondness for the things of…

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Modern Day Idolatry – Part 1

By Lisa Rippy / April 7, 2020

You know how you get a sunburn? It’s actually very easy to explain – You spend a good bit of time outside without sunscreen or without enough sunscreen and the sun (slowly and rather subtly) pours its UV rays onto your skin. It’s subtle because most of the time we…

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Could the Great Sin of David Be Within the Church?

By Lisa Rippy / April 7, 2020

As I’ve been pondering on the current Coronavirus, there is this one thought that has stayed in my mind – the great sin of King David. The reason is because of the massive death and calamity his great sin brought to so many lives. If I were to ask you,…

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Nothing Like a Deeeelicious Cup of Coffee!

By Lisa Rippy / March 26, 2020

It’s true. I. love. coffee. Ok, maybe not love…but I can definitely admit to having a huge ‘want & need’ of it in my life. First thing in the mawnin’! And when it’s good, I’ve been known to write about it … just like I have to do right now…

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2020 Design Trend

By Lisa Rippy / January 20, 2020

Remember when yo-yos came out in some of the cutest colors? Now, I’m not talking about the toy yoyo. Oh, no…the yo-yos I’m talking about are those ‘had to have them because everybody had them’ SHOES!! The yo-yo was a shoe, …no, wait, it was THE shoe that came out…

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Pilgrimage Planner – Get You One!

By Lisa Rippy / January 4, 2020

Happy January 4th!! It’s the FIRST Saturday of the month and for some of us, this is actually the day we are launching into some new habits, better habits for  our life because to be honest, when the 1st lands in the middle of a work week, then you just…

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Improving Health

By Lisa Rippy / January 3, 2020

I have to admit…when January 1st opened up with a piping hot cup of coffee in my hands, still being sweetened with Peppermint Mocha creamer and a heaping tsp of Stevia, (letting go is so so hard to do!!), I thought two things:  1) about how much more improved my…

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Greater Intimacy with God – Lesson 4 (Part 4)

By Lisa Rippy / December 27, 2019

Hi friends! It’s December 27th and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday with family and friends! I sure did! Saw THE most beautiful soul on God’s green earth, my precious friend, Nancy Hopper! Went to her house and had the most amazing coffee with peppermint white chocolate bark…

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