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Psalm 23:5b “…You anoint my head with oil,…

Good shepherds anoint their sheep with oil, to keep away flies and other pesky insects.  The shepherd anoints the head of the sheep with a concoction made with linseed oil; which keeps the flies from depositing eggs, that will hatch and slither up the sheep’s nose.  These worms will cause the sheep to thrash about and beat their heads against trees and even other sheep. If left untreated; it can cause blindness.  This discontentment and irritation can bring harm to the whole flock.

As the shepherd anoints the head of each sheep; he is looking them in the eyes, while rubbing the oil around their ears, nose and mouth.  He will make sure there is no place left untreated. The minute he applies the oil, the sheep finds instant relief.  The thrashing around stops and the sheep is at peace again.

The same thing can happen to a church flock.  One person becomes discontented and his or her irritation, affects the whole church body.  The contagion of discontentment  has the potential to destroy a whole flock of believers, if not dealt with immediately.  We will flail each other in our spiritual blindness, until we allow the Shepherd to anoint us with His oil.

As you meditate upon this Psalm; think about the love your Shepherd willing pours out upon you, His sheep.  As you walk through the trials and difficulties of life, He provides the oil of joy, for the spirit of heaviness.  He is teaching and training you to wait upon Him.  He is always with you; ready to treat the “affected” areas, that are troubling you, trying to steal your peace and contentment.

God has provided you with the anointing of His powerful Holy Spirit, to protect you from your enemy.  Will you allow Him to anoint your head with the oil of His Spirit?  He is waiting to fill your cup, till it overflows with joy and peace.  Your flock will  be able to go out in peace, knowing you are anointed by your Shepherd.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh God, anoint me for this day.  May I receive the anointing You are so ready to apply.  May I go and do Your bidding; in peace and contentment, knowing You are always nearby.  Thank You Lord Jesus. It is in Your Name and for Your sake, I offer up this prayer.  Amen.

If you would like prayer, please feel free to call Libby Williams at 704-965-6875 or e-mail me at  I would count it an honor to pray for you.

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